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2010-03-11, 04:02 PM
The following set of vestiges, still a work in progress, was created as a tribute to fellow players in a game that died two and a half years ago. If you know one of these individuals, I'd love to get their permission and approval.

The Legend
Once, [deity-1] looked down upon the world and saw its course: its flaws and its triumphs. But [deity-1] realized there was much yet beyond his comprehension. Therefore, he partitioned off a corner of the multi-verse and populated it with fresh created outsiders of all types. Into it he also put an energy sink to keep the this newly partitioned corner stable, along with avatars of himself to observe the proceedings. This corner took the form of a set of finite planes, a veritable sheaf of pocket dimension. He had hoped that by observing the purer motives of these outsiders, he would gain greater insight into the actions of mortals. But alas, twas not to be.

Within short order, the residents of the pocket dimensions took to studying the fabric of the universe in which they resided. Unfortunately, the fabric started to warp under the strain, casting great ripples of change across the sheaf. The last straw for the beleaguered dimensional fabric came when a rogue resident destroyed the energy sink into the dimension. Space ruptured and started to unravel.

Luckily, [over-deity] was alert when the fraying started, and cast the experiment from the multiverse entire, ere the unraveling took the rest of existence with it. However, [deity-1] was loathe to abandon the study entire, so he shared among members of his clergy a method to reach out to the participants, binding them as vestiges.

These new vestiges are only can only be bound by individuals with the following feat. This is not considered a special requirement bypassable by the Ignore Special Requirements feat.

Student of Planar History
Individuals with this feat know of more vestiges than many others
Prerequisite: Knowledge (the planes) 6 ranks
Benefit: You can bind the following vestiges. Additionally, you receive a +2 bonus on Knowledge (the planes) checks.

Dragyn, the Student of Space
One of the preeminent air souls of the realms, Dragyn entered the experiment as part of the second age of souls and spearheaded many studies of the underpinnings of space, especially the Astral plane. But the experiment is now beyond the planes entire, coterminous with none. And so Dragyn, along with all the other souls trapped beyond the edge of the multiverse, must wait for a binder to pierce the veil of space, drawing him into existence, albeit temporarily.

Vestige Level: 5th
Binding DC: 23

Special Requirement
An individual wishing to bind Dragyn, the Student of Space must have visited the Astral plane.

Dragyn steps out of nowhere, as though arriving from a teleport. Even once he's arrived, a sense of unfathomable distance lingers in the air. As he stands, crackling energies pour off of him into the ground, till your ears thrum and sparks dance in front of your eyes. After the pact is concluded, the energy vanishes, followed moments later by Dragyn himself.

You become taller and thinner, drawing closer to the githyanki in appearance.

While bound to Dragyn, you are perennially on the look out for greater knowledge regarding the structure of the planes. Whenever you come across an interdimensional portal, Dragyn encourages his binders to spend at least 5 minutes studying it and to pass through and back if possible.

Granted Abilities
Those bound to Dragyn gain insight into the planes, and the ability to whisk themselves from place to place.

Planar Knowledge (Ex)
Dragyn grants you knowledge of the planes, and helps identify effects within his specialty. While bound to Dragyn, you gain a +4 bonus to Knowledge (the planes) checks, and a +4 bonus to Spellcraft checks to identify teleportation effects. This enables you to make untrained Spellcraft checks, but only regarding teleportation effects.

Disrupt (Su)
By manipulating the fabric of space, you cast formations into disarray, as each individual is relocated as space buckles beneath him. As a 1 round action, you cause up to 1 individual per effective binder level within 5 ft per effective binder level to teleport 1d6x5 feet in a random directions. If this would put them within a sold object, instead they arrive at the nearest empty space. Affected individuals are entitled to a will save to negate the effect. Once you have used this ability, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds.

Astral Dreaming (Su)
At will, you can travel bodily into the Astral plane. This is akin to the psionic power astral caravan, except that the activation time is 10 minutes and you can't take passengers with you. Additionally, you can make a navigation check every 2 hours, but you only have 24 hours to fulfill the quota of 6 successful navigation checks. For every 3 effective binder levels above 10th you have, you need one fewer successful planar navigation check to make it to your destination, to a minimum of 2 planar navigation checks at 22nd level. If your pact with Dragyn expires while astral dreaming, the astral dreaming effect ends, though you can rebind Dragyn and start a new journey from the astral.

Josh, the Oft Dead
The pocket planes of [deity-1]'s experiment were further partitioned into the heavens, home of some of the maintaining apparatus and influx devices, and chaos, the planes of earth and sea. Josh was an individual who, through no great fault of his own, passed between the heavens and chaos more than any other. But, unfortunately for Josh, the unmaking of a continuum of reality doesn't leave one dead. Rather, one never existed in the first place.

Vestige Level: 3rd
Binding DC: 18

Special Requirement
An individual wishing to bind Josh, the Oft Dead, must have died at least once. Additionally, Josh, the Oft Dead, refuses to bind with undead.

The binding symbol on the ground slowly warps into the outline of a revolving door. As you watch, the outline extends upwards till it forms a wireframe, which is rapidly shaded to appear as a rapidly spinning door of glass and chrome. Josh steps through the door using the binder's visage, and stands patiently.



Granted Abilities
Josh grants those bound to him a measure of his knowledge of death, enabling them to both return from death with a minimum of pain and shuffle off this mortal coil at need.

Path of the Return (Su)
If you die while bound to Josh, the Oft Dead, the next time you are returned to life, you ignore all penalties* the spell or other effect returning you to life would impose, such as level loss. This does not enable the caster to bypass any components.
*For the purposes of reincarnation, the randomly selected race is not considered to be a penalty

Sudden Death (Su)
Sometimes, the best course of action is to flee. And those bound to Josh always have at least one direction open. For whatever reason, sometimes death is preferable to life. Those bound to Josh may, as a free action once per round on their turn, kill themselves. They can do this even if they are dominated or otherwise rendered unable to choose their own actions. This effect has no descriptors and is a purely mental action.

Deathwatch (Su)
Josh extends to his binders the ability to tell at a glance how close his friends and foes are to death's door. This functions as the deathwatch spell, with the following differences. The duration is equal to the duration of your pact, but the insight can be suppressed or resumed as a standard action. The effect is not [evil]. The range is 10 feat per effective binder level, and is a spherical emanation.

Streben, the Archangel of Quests
Streben was one of the few non-outsiders to reside within the planes. To be precise, he was a sentient construct formed out of the planes of heaven and given a small spark of [deity-1]'s energy. He was designed to be a incorruptible observer and participant, and was charged with enforcing some of the few rules the realms had.

Vestige Level: 8th
Binding DC: 31

An astounding bright lightning bolt strikes inside the seal, blinding you temporarily. As your eyes clear, you perceive Streben hovering gently within the seal. Streben tends to appear as a powerful outsider of the same moral alignment as the summoner, but a step more lawful in regards to ethics.

Motes of bright light surround one bound to Streben, shedding light as a torch. A faint crackle of electricity can also be heard.

Individuals bound to Streben are quite easy to recognize, for, though they become more lawful, they also tend to be some of the politest individuals in existence.

Granted Abilities
Streben grants those bound to him the ability to fly with great loads, assistance finding foes, and his signature sorcery.

Hunter (Ex)
Upon binding Streben, pick a specific individual. The individual need not be someone you have meet, though you must have seen the creature or have some item that once belonged to it. That individual is considered your favored enemy as per the ranger class feature with a bonus of +6. Additionally, you can greater scrying the individual, as per the spell. Once you have used greater scrying, you cannot do so again till an hour has elapsed. Upon killing or defeating your favored enemy, you may switch favored enemies with a five minute rest spent in meditation.

White Lightning (Su)
Streben was the first enforcer of GoKrida, and preferred defeating his foes directly, as opposed to his successor in the role, Cimi, who preferred the safe mechanizations of bureaucracy. But not all foes went willing, and so Streben developed a unique sorcery of unparalleled power, the dreaded white lighting. As a standard action, you can evoke a ray of coruscating light. You must succeed on a ranged touch attack to hit, but ignore any miss chances. This attacks deals 1d6 untyped damage per effective binder level and has a range of 50 ft plus 5 ft per effective binder level. Any creature reduced to 0 or fewer hit points by this attack is entirely disintegrated, leaving behind only a trace of fine dust. Once you have used this ability, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds.

Enforcer's Flight (Su)
As a standard action, you can take to the air, giving yourself a fly speed of 100 ft (perfect) for 1 rd per effective binder level. While airborne using this ability, you can carry up to a heavy load with no penalty, but cannot carry other individuals. You cannot re- activate enforcer's flight while duration remains, and the duration of this ability ends, you must wait 5 rounds before you can use it again.

Eclipse, the Godslayer
Eclipse arrived as one of the first created settlers, and in the dawn of time strove mightily to shape the world, emerging as one of the greatest powers among the first wave. He tried to kill the power conduit once, and fought Streben to a standstill on multiple occasions. As the second and third waves of outsiders arrived, Eclipse faded in power; he could no longer fight the whole world and win. It seemed as though the fear and renown of Eclipse would slowly fade into insignificance, until he coordinated and led an group of the most experienced souls he could rally to his banner to destroy the power conduit. While his escort died along the way, Eclipse made it through, destroying the conduit and shattering chaos.

Vestige Level: 8th
Binding DC: 39

An outsider of your alignment materializes within the seal. As you watch, you see that it is slowly choking to death. As it succumbs, it's struck by a disintegrate emanating from somewhere beyond your sight. The voice of Eclipse speaks to you from above the pile of dust.

A band of glyphs hovers a few inches beyond your head, proclaiming the death of gods in ever-changing tongues.

Eclipse loathes divine magic of all types, and so requires that you not receive divine healing or healing from a non-native outsider.

Granted Abilities
Those bound to Eclipse gain access to techniques he used to kill a fragment of a god.

Divine Erosion (Su)
As a full round action, you can make a single melee attack against any creature within your reach. If this attack does damage, you reduce the divine rank of the being hit by 1. You cannot reduce the divine rank of any deity by more than 1 per 2 effective binder levels you have. The salient divine ability they lose access to is randomly chosen. The reduction to divine ranks lasts for 1 rd per effective binder level after the last successful attack you made with this ability.

Divine Spell Resistance (Su)
Eclipse grants those bound to him a spell resistance of 15 + effective binder level against divine spells and spell-like abilities of non-native outsiders.

Improved Divine Mettle (Su)
The binder gains improved mettle as the hexblade class feature, but only for divine spells and spell-like abilities of non-native outsiders.

Essence Appropriation (Su)
If the binder kills a deity of divine rank 0, they absorb a fraction of the deity's divine essence. Until their pact with Eclipse ends, the binder gains the following benefits:

Maximum hit points per hit die (this also heals the binder to full hit points and removes all conditions heal would remove)
Double base land speed
+Cha mod to Armor Class as deflection bonus
+1 divine bonus to all saves
No longer automatically fails saves on a 1
+1 divine bonus on skill checks, ability checks, caster level checks, and turning checks
Immunities: These immunities do not apply if the attacker has a divine rank of at least 1.

Transmutation: A deity is immune to polymorphing, petrification, or any other attack that alters its form. Any shape-altering powers the deity might have work normally on itself.
Energy Drain, Ability Drain, Ability Damage: A deity is not subject to energy drain, ability drain, or ability damage.
Mind-Affecting Effects: A deity is immune to mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects).
Energy Immunity: Electricity, cold, and acid, even if the attacker is a deity of at least rank 1.
Immune to disease and poison, stunning, sleep, paralysis, massive damage, and death effects, and disintegration.
DR 15/epic
Fire resistance 6
Spell resistance 33

Deworcin, Sorcerer Extraordinaire
Deworcin was a terrorist, plain and simple. As the most active member of the Brotherhood of E, an anarchic organization with a firm belief in its intrinsic evilness, Deworcin warped the interdimensional transit system so all roads lead to himself. Well, himself and a large collection of very angry villagers. He also used his skills as a veteran sky soul to conduct many successful hit and run raids across chaos.

Vestige Level: 7th
Binding DC: 28

You sit, staring at the seal. Did you draw it correctly? Nothing seems to be happening. Abruptly you realize that you've been hearing maniacal laughter, and it's slowly getting louder. The laughter cuts off, and Deworcin speaks, with a voice much akin the laughter you just heard.

Those bound to Deworcin walk with both feet not quite touching the ground. This does not enable the to ignore difficult terrain or walk on water.

Deworcin encourages those bound to him to spread destruction and chaos to the best of their ability.

Granted Abilities
Those bound to Deworcin access his techniques of warping space to him, his magical prowess, and his powers of flight.

Sorcerer's Flight (Su)
Those bound to Deworcin can fly long distances, as per the overland flight spell. The binder can suppress or resume this ability with a 1 minute long ritual. The flight lasts for as long as Deworcin is bound.

Force Bolt (Su)
As a standard action, you can evoke a smidgen of force to damage your opponent. You must succeed on a ranged touch attack to hit, and deal 1d4 damage, plus an additional 1d4 damage per three effective binder levels. The attack has a range of 50 ft plus 5 ft per effective binder level and is a [force] effect.

Magic Missile (Su)
Force bolts might have been the bread and butter of sorcerers, but when you needed damage now, there was only one choice: magic missile. As a standard action, you cause force to stream from your fingers, striking your foes unerringly. This functions as a magic missile spell with a caster level equal to your effective binder level, except that it ignores spell resistance and has no cap on the number of missiles created. Once you have used this ability, you must wait 5 rounds before you can use it again.

Gather (Su)
But while Deworcin was a powerful sorcerer and undertook many successful raids, it was his tendency to gather to himself the anchor around which teleportation was built that made him most feared. Once a person entered his clutches, only death could free them. As an immediate action, whenever any number of individuals within 10 ft per effective binder level initiate a [teleportation] effect, you may elect to have any number of them arrive adjacent to you instead of at their destination.

Known Issues/Help Requested
Josh needs a sign and, ideally, a new influence.

Eclipse's essence appropriation ability is suppose to grant all of the benefits of Divine Rank 1 except for a salient divine ability. If you manage to kill multiple deities while bound to Eclipse, each past the first should increase your temporary divine rank by 1.

2010-03-11, 07:18 PM
I haven't had a chance to look over these in detail, but one quick question:
Student of Planar History - is this supposed to override the Ignore Special Requirements feat? That is, would someone with that feat still need Student of Planar History? If so, you should say so explicitly. This also leads to the obvious question of why you want such a heavy investment. Is there a balance issue? Even with that +2 bonus unless these vestiges are very useful it would likely make sense to just not bind them.

2010-03-11, 09:39 PM
This feat is supposed to override the ignore special requirements feat. There isn't a power level problem, but there is a versatility problem. Much like the spell selection of clerics, binders default to knowing every vestige ever printed. The reasoning behind requiring a feat to access this new set of vestiges, which will probably number around 10 all told, is much akin to the reason most homebrew disciplines require you to trade out access to a standard discipline to gain access to them. Of course, DMs are welcome to waive the feat requirement or create a vestiges known scheme. Perhaps an alternating 2-1?

2010-03-11, 10:02 PM
Nobody's going to pay a feat tax unless the vestiges are obviously stronger than the other ones. I haven't really read any of the original vestiges, so I can't really say whether these would be worth taking or not, but just keep that in mind.

2010-03-11, 10:05 PM
One common method I've seen for limiting vestiges is that beyond the default set you need to learn about the other vestiges. Even if you know the name of another vestige you might not know the seal. Moreover, higher level vestiges should be hard to find simply because few people will care about them enough (since fewer people will be able to bind them). This also gives binders an incentive to adventure if they are trying to find more vestiges.

2010-03-11, 10:14 PM
The vestiges don't need to be stronger in the abstract if they offer a unique ability. Sometimes the ability to do something you couldn't before is better than the ability to do something you did before even better. I hope that this set of vestiges, when complete, will add a diverse set of unique effects.

I agree, that very well could work. I was simply seeking to provide a mechanically simple method of gaining access if a DM prefered a method other than side-quests. It is my hope that access to these vestiges will sometimes be worth spending the feat and sometimes not, depending on what the character is trying to do.

2010-03-11, 10:16 PM
If you are that concerned about the level of choice in vestiges it might make more sense to just ban the Ignore Special Requirements feat. Then many of the stronger vestiges require specific things which are difficult and a decent number require specific character investment in skill points, feats or something else. See Ipose and Hagenti as the obvious examples.

A bit more fluff for the various vestiges especially the last two would be nice.
Also, the binding DC for the last one seems slightly too high, although I don't have my copy of ToM on me to compare it to the other 8th level vestiges.

Regarding Streben- I seem to remember there being an official vestige that grants Track already. Am I wrong? Also, Track is a very weak feat so it seems a bit odd as something to be given by an 8th level vestige.

If you die while bound to Josh, the Oft Dead, the next time you are returned to life, you ignore all penalties the spell would impose. This does not enable the caster to bypass any components.

I presume you mean the spell which resurrects them? If so, say so. Note that there are a few non-spell ways to resurrect someone so you may want to say "spell or other effect." How would this interact with Reincarnation?

The Josh vestige seems very weak even for a first level vestige. Essentially, unless you know you are going to die and have a decent chance of getting resurrected later this vestige is utterly useless. Ok, maybe if you are stuck in a cell and are going to get tortured to death you can use it to kill yourself. Yeah, that's not very helpful.

Maybe allow an at will ability to use an effect identical to Disrupt Undead with caster level equal to your effective binder level? Still seems a bit weak.

I haven't yet looked in detail at the second two vestiges.

2010-03-12, 12:58 PM
A few changes:

-Upped the favored enemy bonus on Streben to +6
-Replaced Track with greater scrying once per hour
-Eliminated the influence of Josh. The original source didn't have undead.
-Added the [evil] spell of deathwatch to Josh.
-Clarified and tweaked to ability of those bound to Josh to kill themselves.
-Clarified Path of the Return

2010-03-12, 01:42 PM
Registering for forum (x1) (5 minutes) posting on Thrantar's thread (1 minute)

Um, NICE. Who'd've ever thought I'd become a posthumous vestige. Approval wholeheartedly granted :D

Also: let's see a Skaj or Ithel vestige (water manipulation), maybe a futurebeatle one (scrying plus a little insanity :P), or even a Pakaran one (he did pioneer leaf magic after all!).

But yeah...awesome work. SYMO APPROVES!

(also it's two and a half years not three and a half, don't make it longer than it's already been ^_^')

2010-03-12, 02:56 PM
First, thanks, Dragyn, for your ringing endorsement. Fear not, for more vestiges are on the way, including some of our dearly beloved water souls.

And on that note, I'd like to announce that a new vestige, Deworcin*, Sorcerer Extraordinaire has been added for you to critique.
*Unfortunately, I had to change the individual's name, since the original is also the name of a preexisting literary character. I don't know applicable copyright law well enough to be comfortable otherwise.

Further updates:
-The binding DC of Eclipse has been lowered to 39
-The binding DC of Streben has been lowered to 31

2010-03-12, 05:07 PM
Having played GoKrida (this is Koldstare), I love this idea.

Keep up the good work!

2010-03-13, 11:43 PM
More vestiges coming soon.
In the mean time, still looking for a sign and influence for Josh.
Please review and critique balance of existing vestiges.

2010-03-14, 12:06 AM
Sign for Josh: Your body becomes colder, as if it was halfway between a corpse and a living body. Most creatures can notice this as long as they are touching your skin.

Influence for Josh: Death loses its meaning for you; You treat the idea of dying from a neutral standpoint. However, undead will send you into an angry rage.

Maybe you could use these? Just brainstorming.

2010-03-14, 07:15 AM
I love this idea dood.

I myself have Gygax as an "unlockable" fifth Human deity (more like demi-god, but whatever) in my cosmology.

2013-03-04, 08:19 PM
Eclipse, the Godslayer...

Its always good to be remembered. I love this idea thought have known about it for a while.

Happy to help out with what i can as per the email mate.