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2010-03-11, 08:14 PM
I'm trying to find an ACF that switches an animal companion for a familiar. Somebody help me out please?

Oh, and while I'm at it, does anyone know if a master list of ACF's has been compiled somewhere?

2010-03-11, 08:15 PM
Unearthed Arcana has one that does it in reverse (familiar for ranger's AC), also in the SRD.

Gleemax had such a list, but it got borked in the conception.

Dr Bwaa
2010-03-11, 08:30 PM
Arcane Hierophant sort of does that (It basically makes your familiar/companion into one uber-creature). I don't know of any ACFs that do that (but you could just ask your DM; I'd probably approve an ACF like that).

Nate the Snake
2010-03-11, 08:51 PM
The Cityscape web enhancement (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/we/20070228a) lets you trade your animal companion for an "urban companion," which functions like a familiar, plus it has extra benefits.

2010-03-11, 09:23 PM
Urban companion might've been what I was thinking of. But to err on the side of caution, does anyone else know of a way to trade an animal companion for a familiar?

2010-03-12, 12:16 PM
Ask the DM if you can take the ACF in reverse?

2010-03-12, 12:59 PM
Trading 1 for 1 is probably the best you can get.

Though that ACF reversed means you get 2 lvls of familiar per animal companion. You'd be going through the epic familiar by lvl 10+