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2010-03-12, 07:59 AM

This is my first post and I would like some help with a build I trying to sort out for an eberron game one of my friends is about to start running.

We will be starting at level 6.

I am toying with the following

FS Wizard (conjurer) 6 then into recaster
Banning: Enchantment, Necromancy and Illusion (possibly Evocation) - haven't done spells yet so this will help decide what to ban.
feats being
Abrupt Jaunt and Improved Initiative
1 - Cloudy Conjuration or Spell Focus (Conjuration)
3 - Empower
5w Metamagic Focus (Conjuration)
6 - Sculpt spell


Wizard 3 / MS 3 then into recaster

same as above but would loose bonus wizard feat

I am not really going to be concentrating on monster summoning aspect, I will have a few basic ones that I can throw in now and then but I will hope to specialise in AoE crowd control, battlefield control and then once I get into recaster add a bit more damage/debuff with metamagic fun.

We get access to pretty much everything from the 3.5 rulebooks.

I can see the benefits of going into Recaster later for expanded knowledge but I would have to play through the levels and would delay the metamagic abilities that come with Recaster.


Which build is better and would you change either in any way?

Should I delay going into recaster a couple of more levels?

What spells should I be looking to take if I go into recaster at level 7 for expanded knowledge bonus at Recaster2 anf Recaster4? Also, what would I benefit in waiting a couple of levels, what improved spells could I get?

Thanks in advance. :smallsmile:

Sinfire Titan
2010-03-12, 12:20 PM
Delay Recaster until you can cast at least 8th level spells. Then grab Arcane Spellsurge from Dragon Magic. Later on, when you've gotten 9th, grab Greater Arcane Fusion (CM).

2010-03-12, 06:03 PM
That could be an option but I don't really want to wait until level 15 to enter recaster, not sure if we will even get that high. I was hoping for lower level spell suggestions, entering at level 7 or level 9.

So basically, if I could choose any lvl3 or lower and a lvl4 or lower spell, what would you suggest?

and, if I could choose any lvl4 or lower and lvl5 or lower spell, what would you suggest?