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2010-03-13, 11:19 AM
Hi all, i am going to be playing in an X-COM D20 Game sometime soon using
D20 modern characters, i currently have a level 2 tough hero and as anyone who has played X-COM will know i will be fighting aliens.

my character is a military pilot,
my class is Tough hero and my feats consist of

Simple Weapon Proficiency
Two-Weapon Fighting
Personal Firearms Proficiency
Vehicle Expert

i was wondering what sort of character i should go for? melee based? sniper? or some kind of gun slinger? the pilot thing is simply in the bag as it is i have +10 to drive and pilot.

i would assume my character's primary role in a crashed UFO situation would be to secure and look after the ship but remain on the ground untill such time was needed to get out of there?

so what other purpose could my character have what sort of cool funky weapons should i be looking to get?

even if you don't play X-COM any feed back would be greatly appriciated.

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2010-03-13, 11:23 AM
This belongs in the Roleplaying Game forum.

2010-03-13, 11:27 AM
fine, someone delete or lock this post please