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2010-03-13, 11:29 AM
Hi all, i am going to be playing in an X-COM D20 Game sometime soon using
D20 modern characters, i currently have a level 2 tough hero and as anyone who has played X-COM will know i will be fighting aliens.

my character is a military pilot,
my class is Tough hero and my feats consist of

Simple Weapon Proficiency
Two-Weapon Fighting
Personal Firearms Proficiency
Vehicle Expert

i was wondering what sort of character i should go for? melee based? sniper? or some kind of gun slinger? the pilot thing is simply in the bag as it is i have +10 to drive and pilot.

i would assume my character's primary role in a crashed UFO situation would be to secure and look after the ship but remain on the ground untill such time was needed to get out of there?

so what other purpose could my character have what sort of cool funky weapons should i be looking to get?

even if you don't play X-COM any feed back would be greatly appriciated.

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2010-03-13, 11:38 AM
Try to befriend some Elves. In the process you get full spellcasting progression.

On a more serious note: Don't split the party. If your teammates storm the alien vessel and you just stand behind you will be bores soon. If you want to stay ouf of the fights perhaps you can be some kind of communication specialist or medic?

2010-03-13, 11:44 AM
good thinking, i'm all for the fight but i just don't want to get killed off and as a result the others get cut off from the base because the pilot was wreckless enough to go charging in screaming
"i'm duel wielding laser pistols and i have damage reduction!"

a communication specialist might be a good idea how ever a medic seems the more appropriate choice seeing if i get mind controled by a dominate person thing i could just call everyone else in, its a very awkward situation for me.

besides wouldn't securing the air craft be a vital job, while were off storming the alien vessel a sectoid could sneak on and plant a motion activated bomb and when we take off BOOM!

just saying is all, theres alot of aspects to cover with this for me.

2010-03-13, 12:34 PM
I don't think a medic is going to be as helpful if you're going to be staying on the ship. They usually need to be nearby when somebody gets hurt, right? Besides, medicine is a demanding profession that usually leaves little time to become a rocket jock.

I'm going to second the communications expert idea. See if you can find a way to access info about the area your teammates are exploring so that you can be their spotter or guide. Perhaps you can have some sort of remote controlled robot that can tag along with them (if you remember the movie of Lost In Space). This would be especially helpful if the robot is built more for scouting rather than combat, so you could use its sensors to map the area and detect hostile aliens or interesting energy sources or whatever. This will basically allow you to remain on the ship and still be a part of the action wherever the rest of your group is at. (Note: the less powerful your robot is, the more likely your GM will be willing to go along with this.)

2010-03-13, 12:57 PM
very true about medicine, yet i honestly have no idea what will happen in the game, the skyranger is essentially my baby but the GM could throw in random NPC's so communications would be a good follow up but then again if the GM does put in some Random NPC's why would they need a ground level relay if everyone has radios? perhaps i should be focusing on something else maybe computer use or something. i just get the feeling that perhaps both of these are wrong for me.

We currently have a sniper
A Rifleman
A Diplomat
and a Combat Technician

what else is critically needed in this group?

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2010-03-13, 07:05 PM
yet another bump, c'mon people help a guy out

2010-03-14, 03:14 AM
Is it some existing game (which I don't know about) or homebrewed?

You don't need a diplomat. It didn't work in Mars Attack or indeed in any Alien Invasion. Have the diplomat be a npc. His first and last line will be: We come in pea...gurgle.

UFO and X-Com had psionics. Do you think you can use those?

A heavy weapon guy/demolition expert might be needed. How do plan to enter ufos?

Several scientists would fit, but they probably stay behind in your home base.
Unless your aiming for a Stargate feeling, of course. But I found UFO deadly. I usually lost 2-3 guys on the first mssions each, till I got the hang of the game.

What is the tech level? State of the art or 50s flying saucers era? In the latter case you have an excuse for restricting the access to communication devices :)

2010-03-14, 04:07 AM
well the game is set at the start of the year 1999 keeping true to X-Com, having a field scientist would be more of a stargate feel defantly.

i am honestly not sure about psionics maybe there will be some way to get training for that later in the game.

it does make more sense for the diplomat to be an NPC but its the route another player has chosen, can't argue with it really maybe it will be for when we take prisoners, they can negotiate then?

i know in the X-Com video game there is a simple matter of finding the door for the UFO but i doubt it will be that easy, so a demolition expert COULD be useful, but i mean how pointless would it be if you put some C4 on the side to have it not make a dent, but you never know till you try!

given the time erra technology would be roughly the same as it is today just mundane misc things wouldn't be overly avalible.

i think the whole game is also home brewed my hope is to actully some how get the stats for all the monsters off the GM and find someone to run it more local to me as a table top.

2010-03-14, 04:44 AM
i think the whole game is also home brewed my hope is to actully some how get the stats for all the monsters off the GM and find someone to run it more local to me as a table top.

Well, I guess NECROMUNDA would do a good job in simulating UFO.

2010-03-14, 10:53 AM
yeah NECROMUNDA does have that feel to it, so you think putting some ranks into demolitions would help the cause then?

also apparently they remade UFO Enemy Unknown as

UFO: Extraterrestrials

it looks ok, apparently the graphics aren't that great however you can download a mod for it to improve them, might be worth a look i'm going out to buy it tomorrow

2010-03-14, 05:07 PM
There is also atleast one open source remake, UFO:Alien Invasion.

When I played UFO I usually had a rocket launcher guy who blasted the wall on the highest ship level. So I could bypass most of the ship interior and enter the bridge. One day rocket launcher guy was mentally controlled and killed his comrades instead. So I fired him after the mission load a savegame.

so you think putting some ranks into demolitions would help the cause then?

I am not familiar with d20 modern. I only read the srd, so I can't give you any advise on rules. Better ask your GM for more information.

2010-03-15, 07:35 AM
lol you know i currently have a saved game i have 2 months before i get all my funding cut, any sujestions.

i have 2 interceptors, a large research team, a second base used for manufacturing laser pistols and selling them off.

my intercepters don't have laser cannons on them yet even though ican produce it, the game difficulty is on super human and i'm in the June / July area?

can you offer any advice.

oh yeah i have no body armor even though i can produce it AND only 3 soldiers.

any tips?