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Dusk Eclipse
2010-03-13, 05:59 PM
Please Critique this lvl 10 build and help me choose my spells and gear.

1 Conjurer:Improved Initiative (Martial Wizard ACF UA) Abrupt Jaunt (ACF traded form Familiar PH II) 1 Collegiate Wizard (CArc) Human. feat Point Blank Shot?
3Conjurer: Practiced Spell Caster
6Unseen Seer Obtain Familiar
7Unseen Seer
8Unseen Seer
9Unseen Seer Improved Familar
10Unseen Seer

Rolled Stats (good stats huh?)
DEX 17
CON 15
INT 18 +2 (lvl up) = 20
WIS 11
CHA 12

Spells, haven't really decided but this are the ones I think would be more useful.

True Strike
Orb of Acid
Orb of Fire
Greater Dimension door
Magic Jar
and maybe other.

Gear I am not really sure, except for a habdy haversack and maybe a pearl of power.

Advice suggestions?
thanks in advance

2010-03-13, 06:28 PM
I'd recommend going Rogue at first level, for the extra skill points. Collegiate Wizard isn't really worth it unless scroll access is limited in your game; the spells necessary for sniping are accessed through Advanced Learning, anyway.

I wouldn't bother with Point Blank Shot. It's only really worth it if you want to pick up Precise Shot, and you're better served just getting that as a weapon enchantment. You should be taking Hunter's Eye and Sniper's Shot, anyway, along with Guided Shot once you get your third Advanced Learning, so you won't be making many shots within 30 feet.

As for gear, most any bow will do. Force is a really good enchant, to automatically pass damage reduction and incorporeality.

I'd recommend picking up Extend Spell, so you can get Persist Spell before you hit 7th level spells. Being able to have your sniping buffs up all day is what makes Unseen Seers awesome.

Dusk Eclipse
2010-03-13, 07:28 PM
Ok If I move rogue to first level, more skill points and HP.... what feast do you recomend instead of collegiate wizard and point blank shot?

2010-03-13, 08:57 PM
Able Learner [RoD] (you're a Human, it's a must for a multiclass skillmonkey), and e.g. Craven [CoR]. Others you might want include:
- Keen Intellect [DR318] (more SAD, enables you to dump Wis without losing out on certain skills)
- Nymph's Kiss [BoED] (honestly, can't say enough good about extra skill points and help with Cha-skills...)
- Darkstalker [LoM]
- Sculpt Spell (metamagic)
- Split Ray (metamagic)
- Extend Spell (metamagic)

Honestly, there are infinite options, each of them quite potent (pick up Practiced Spellcaster too, btw; enables you to not-be-bothered by Divination Spell Power while also making up for the lost CL from Rogue).