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Last Laugh
2010-03-14, 01:25 PM
My friend is going to DM a gestalt campaign.
Starting level:10, Level adjustment buyoff is allowed
any 3.5 books. Dragon magazine is on a case-by-case basis.
35(!) pt. buy. 1 flaw.
Racial variants and alternative class features are both fine

I was going to make this based around Natural attacks and Share soulmeld (familiar/companion/mount gains soulmeld abilities if it's within 5 ft) also using Lolth-touched from MMIV (+6 str/con and immunity to fear. makes you purple)
I was thinking of two things
A) wizard/totemist with Improved familiar (Howler) and blood storm (lvl 1 spell (SpC) natural attacks w/ 20 ft range increments) or
B)Totemist///Paladin of slaughter/Ashworm Dragoon. (gives full BA and landshark boots give me pounce.)
I like B because I could be a Warforged with Jaws of Death shaping Girallion arms and Landshark boots. My DM would probably let a pally of slaughter keep the Ashworms stinger instead of needlessly chopping it off.
Also can anyone give a cleaner wording of the Howler's quill ability? Is it a side-effect of its bite attack?

2010-03-14, 02:26 PM
I was thinking of two things ...
The Wizard is definitely more powerful and doesn't face the Paladin/Totemist alignment issue.
(That isn't to say you shouldn't take the build you want; just that it's going to lack the oomph that shared Wraithstrikes and Bite of the Werebears can pack.)
At very least, you might want to work in some Crusader. Devoted Spirit maneuvers are good at keeping squishy companions and rogues standing.

A Druid is probably the best pick, if Companion Spellbond applies to Share Soulmeld (and, despite not being RAW, I have a hard time believing it wouldn't be allowed in any game).

I just wish Beast Heart Adept (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/ex/20070209a&page=4) (Dung) worked with Share Soulmeld. If I were building a character like this, I'd see if the DM would let it fly.

Also can anyone give a cleaner wording of the Howler's quill ability? Is it a side-effect of its bite attack?
On full-round attacks, a Howler can make one bite attack at +10 and 1d4 Quill attacks at +5.
On standard action attacks, it can just bite. (Think of it as a slightly modified bite/claw/claw routine.)

2010-03-14, 02:40 PM
You could go Totemist//Ranger. It's not ideal for power, but it does get you full BAB, an animal companion, and some spells. The spellcasting leaves something to be desired, but you can somewhat patch that with ACF's and feats. The companion isn't as good as a druid's, but punch/convince your DM until they agree that druid would be more powerful and maybe compromise by blowing a feat so you can get houseruled to have full progression.

Druid would be simpler and more powerful to gestalt with. Wildshape lets you dump physicals besides Con, and meldshapers want Con anyway. Watch out for wildshaping into things with less Con than you have naturally, as I think that means some of your soulmelds will be suppressed or maybe unshape. It's... poorly defined.

2010-03-14, 04:13 PM
Druid is hands down the strongest option for a Gestalt Meldshaper

2010-03-14, 04:24 PM
Wildshape Ranger is also good if you don't want to be (too) cheesy.