View Full Version : Dragonscale husk and VoP

2010-03-14, 02:40 PM
Basically I find this makes 2 mediocre ideas into a decent build. Normally the worst problem (I find) of VoP is that you can never make any kind of armored build since you can't wear armor at all. While the husk can't be improved by spells or enhanced like a magic item.

Are there any other way to get armor while using VoP that I could have missed?

The Glyphstone
2010-03-14, 02:41 PM
Aside from magic? I don't think so.

2010-03-14, 03:29 PM
Mage Armor/Greater Mage Armor/Luminous Armor/Greater Luminous Armor?

Find a way to shape an Ankheg Breastplate (MoI)?

Be a Cancer Mage (BoVD)? [I'm sure there are shenanigans to get around the alignment thing... they're just not occuring to me.]

Call Armor (CPsi)? Bind Savnok (ToM)? [Technically, you possess valuable items with both of these, but I don't think any DM would disallow them. Since they only exist when you use them.]