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2010-03-15, 08:49 AM
So starting 2 weeks my friend will begin running a new and tough game with very, very low magic and has told us to each brew our own class. I've never done this and I'm a little unsure as to how to accomplish my goals without either breaking the power scale or rendering myself a useless lump.

So my class idea, from reading a book about ninjas, is to be a real batman. The bombs, cords, and multi-functionality of their tools left quite the impression on me. What this entails and the methods (I hope) I intend to use are listed below.

1. 3/4 BAB
Kinda required, I can't necessarily have a full BaB in good confidence.

2. Good Reflex Saves
Low magic means not a lot of will saves to worry about

3. High Int Synergy
I mean Batman is smart, it's basically his superpower. To this end Brains Over Brawn (ex) from the Factotum would go a long ways towards making this a reality. Also the use of poisons interests me but most of them seem hard, if not impossible, to attain outside of minor creation and even then low DCs and Damage plague them. Maybe add Int to DC and Damage of poisons?

4. Ability to craft interesting gadgets in an entirely non-magical way.
This is a tough one, any precedent other than talking to a DM for a Semi-Wondrous Item crafting. I'm planning on some crazy fun stuff (Spring-powered grappling hook launcher anyone?)

Any other suggestions or ideas? I would greatly appreciate any input by people who have had way longer to practice their skills. I know D&D 3.5 pretty well but I'm still a complete newbie when it comes to design. :P I need a way of doing more damage, mobility, and fun goodies that add to the flavor of the class.


2010-03-15, 09:17 AM
For Future Reference and Class Building

Level BAB F R W Abilities
1 +0 0 2 0
2 +1 0 3 0
3 +2 1 3 1 Brains Over Brawn (Ex)
4 +3 1 4 1
5 +3 1 4 1
6 +4 2 5 2
7 +5 2 5 2
8 +6/+1 2 6 2
9 +6/+1 3 6 3
10 +7/+2 3 7 3
11 +8/+3 3 7 3
12 +9/+4 4 8 4
13 +9/+4 4 8 4
14 +10/+5
15 +11/+6/+1
16 +12/+7/+2
17 +12/+7/+2
18 +13/+8/+3
19 +14/+9/+4
20 +15/+10/+5

2010-03-15, 10:54 AM
Personally, I think the Factotum class fits perfectly with what you are trying to achieve. I'm currently playing a Factotum that has a Rod of Ropes and very good Alchemical skills; that sounds like what you want for your character. If your DM has a problem with magic, you could talk to him about replacing Arcane Dilettante and Opportunistic Piety with Sneak Attack damage dice. I think 1d6 at level 2, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, and 19 would work just fine.

Batman is the strictly weakest member of the Justice League founders, and yet he still manages to kick serious butt using little more than smoke bombs and grappling hooks. I think playing the Factotum variant above would be as close to the feel of Batman as you could get, while still playing a fairly broad class.

2010-03-15, 11:10 AM
Factotum? Don't be silly. Everyone knows that Batman is a wizard. :)

2010-03-15, 11:25 AM
Factotum? Don't be silly. Everyone knows that Batman is a wizard. :)

If only casting was a forced fort save or be dazed for a 1d4 rounds. Anyways what kind of things would assist in making my own custom items?

Would adding Int to the DC of poisons, smoke bombs, grenades, and other alchemical miracles be overpowered or in line with the power for a Tier 2/3 class?

Also seeing as how I won't have Inspiration Points (too much to copy over) I would need other abilities as well, not just the lose of Cunning Surge and Arcane Dilletante.

Additionally, I think having a changed version of skirmish to being a blend of Iajitsu Focus and Skirmish might be fun. Make long jumps, long falls, High jumps in order to deal more damage.