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2010-03-15, 03:46 PM
Howdy fellow Playgrounds,

So I have succumbed to my DM mind. Constant flow of ideas. Really sucks...sometimes. I'm currently running a D&D 3.x game set in my campaign setting, but we're not here to talk about that.

So I decided to replay the Lunar games for PS, you know, Silver Star Story and Eternal Blue. Two of my favorite video games of all time. And I got an idea: Why not run a Lunar Campaign! It will be epic, a new Dragonmaster, Althena, and of course, the greatest video game villain ever...Ghaleon. Although he might not be a villain...anywho...

The Problem:
I have however run into a problem...what system to use? Lunar really doesn't seem suited to the d20 system. I was thinking GURPS? Or maybe BESM? The problem is I'm not very familiar with any system outside of d20. And I refuse to use 4ed. Even if it might work. For those of you who are more knowledgeable than I, what system would you recomend or could you give me a brief explanation of GURPS and/or BESM and how they might be able to emulate the games?

Thank you in advance and if I come across any other problems or ya'll can think of any issues that could come up, feel free to post them.

2010-03-15, 04:14 PM
That was....an odd place for a spoiler. Anyway.

I propose to you Szatany's Ultimate Classes (http://www.liquidmateria.info/wiki/index.php?title=Ultimate_Classes).

Reason the First: If d20 is what you're most comfortable with, we want to stay in that line of systems. I'm sure someone will suggest Mutants and Masterminds, but you certainly don't want to go out and buy several books and to learn a new ruleset for a project like this.

Reason the Second: The Lunar series boasts a rather generic combat system, and you'd want to replicate this with relatively generic classes. You certainly don't want characters falling into the easy roles of 'Monk' or 'Wizard,' and the Ultimate Classes gives more than enough options that you can just be a PERSON with abilities instead of a category of powers.

Reason the Best: Ultimate Classes is really quite fun. Fiddle with a character yourself and see.

The Tygre
2010-03-15, 05:03 PM
Ahh... This doesn't have anything to with silver-tattooed shapeshifters that kill Cthulhu elves and orgasm heroine. :smallfrown: *Takes off his Exalted hat.*

2010-03-15, 05:32 PM
BESM was actually the first thing that jumped to mind, though it is a d20 system. However, there is room to do a lot of customization to make powers fit the characters, which I think would be important in trying to capture the feel of Lunar. My advice is to go with adventurer's, who get complete customization of class features, or build classes from those features to match the characters in the game if that's what you're aiming for. Also, the SRD is here (http://www.opengamingfoundation.org/animesrd.html). They have it listed as Anime d20, but it's the same system, just a different name.

You will have to ban powers that don't fit the feel of the game, but I think you can work that out well enough on your own. There is a level of tech allowed for in the rules, which should be good for adding in the more mechanical aspects of the setting, and you can just limit it to what's necessary.