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2010-03-15, 09:56 PM
Choose Destiny is a very tasty 9th-level divination, if you have a way to Persist it. (Let's you reroll everything. I LIKE rerolls.)

It's in the Destiny domain, period. (Not cleric, etc.)

So how can an arcane caster (my Level 20 gestalt Sorcerer/Bard/Incantrix/etc.) get access to it?

Offhand, I see three ways:

1. Unseen Seer PrC -- lotsa skill points as prerequisite, and enough of them cross-class that the Able Learner feat is also probably required.

2. Arcane Disciple feat -- requires Wis 19, which is higher than I had in mind. I currently have 11 unbuffed, so more than 17 is a stretch, if there aren't any 16th-level+ druids hanging around to cast Owl's Insight. Well, if my DM allows a Schema of that spell (Eberron item), I'm OK. Otherwise I have to sacrifice a bit of Dex, which is only semi-painful, in that my character may run around Polymorphed a lot anyway.

3. Domain Access Sorcerer class variant from Complete Champion -- costs lots of spells-known.

Am I missing any other alternatives?

Dusk Eclipse
2010-03-15, 10:04 PM
There is a prestige class called wyrm wizard, that at even levels (IIRC) you can add ANY spell to your list, it is on Dragon magic, but I believe it looses some CL not sure.

Am I right assuming you will persist with incantrix?

Hope that help

2010-03-15, 10:19 PM
Since you seem to be planning a 17th level character, you could qualify for Unseen Seer even by taking the skills cross class without Able Learner. The highest level skill requirement is 8 ranks, which a 13th level character could acquire cross-classl. If you play a wizard, that only 4-5 of your 8 or more skills used up. Since you only need 3 more (Concentration, Spellcraft, and Knowledge (Arcana)), you're fine.

Is this a thought exercise, or have you found a DM willing to run a high-level campaign with an unmodifed incantatrix?

2010-03-15, 10:33 PM
We have a PbP game starting up right here on these boards with some pretty powerful characters.

I don't have all that many skill points to spare -- and I've already taken Nymph's Kiss -- so it's not a given that I'll go the Unseen Seer route over Arcane Disciple.

Obviously, it's the DM's prerogative to throw a whole lot of Dispel action my way any time he feels like it.

The current build, before the changes contemplated here, is

Sorcerer 5/Fatespinner 4/Paragnostic Apostle 3/Incantrix 8


Bard 3/Marshal 5/Sublime Chord 2/Virtuoso 10,

not exactly in that order.

With the changes, Fatespinner will probably be swapped out.