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2010-03-16, 10:31 AM
So, in the recent Warlock remade, I said that Warlocks really should have some non-fiendish evocations, preferably Fey or Eladrin ones. So I wrote down some ideas for them. As I've never made invocations before, I have really not much of an idea on how to balance them, so any help is appreciated.

Rosethorn Blast

The warlock smiled his grim smile again, and around him, rose vines, thick as a man's leg, burst forth from the ground. They enveloped the guards, vanishing after seconds, leaving behind only their corpses, pierced by a dozen bleeding wounds, as if from spear points.

Greater Eldritch Essence Invocation

Save: Reflex partial (see text)

The target of a rosethorn blast must make a reflex save or be entangled for one round. Additionally, half the damage done by a rosethorn blast is piercing damage, the other half is bludgeoning damage.

Nighttime Revelry

Greater Invocation (Phantasm) [Mind-affecting]

We danced and danced, all night, in a palace of black marble and silver webs fine as a spiders. I was surrounded by a people so beautiful my eyes were filled with tears just from looking at them, unable to fathom why I myself was ever invited. There was a man, or I think he was a man, seven feet tall with stars in his eyes and a coat made from the wings of butterflies and the tears of unicorns. He said he would never let me go, and in my mind, I am still there...

Equivalent Spell Level: 6
Components: V,S
Invoking Time: 10 minutes
Range: Unlimited, even across planar borders
Duration: Instantaneous
Save: will negates

The target is affected as if by a Nightmare (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/nightmare.htm) spell, with the following changes:
Instead of taking 1d10 damage, the target is additionally affected as if by a Crushing Despair (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/crushingDespair.htm) spell, which lasts until it has a night of restful sleep.
If the target was already the target of a Nighttime Revelry by the same invoker the night before and failed it's save, it gains a -2 penalty to it's save.
A target of Nighttime Revelry , whether they make their save or not, can not be the target of the same invoker's Nighttime revellry again for 24 hours.

Veil of Insignificance

Greater Invocation (Glamer), [Mind-affecting]

Report for the second Market day of Wolf's Moon
Sgt. Denur Cobblerson, Morning Gate

No special occurrences, report of travellers, goods and gate tolls attached.

Widow Esama, Fisherwoman, 2 baskets of dried cod - 4 copper pieces
Siban & Ess Blackwood, Lumberjacks, 1 cart of beech logs, 1 axe taken into custody - 1 silver piece
Selenius, Monk of Wee Jas, Quartus & Hieratius, lay brothers - no toll
Lord Whitefire Evenstar, Winter Knight, 1 sword (flaming) & 1 dead prince (flayed) - 1 copper piece

Equivalent Spell Level: 5
Components: S
Invoking Time: 1 standard action
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour
Save: Will partial(see text)

All creatures seeing you or otherwise interacting with you must make a will save or assume that you are, despite your appearance or behaviour, a normal part of the scenery and insignificant. This does not mean that they will ignore you, they will just treat you like a normal citizen appropriate to the area. (A guardsman will not simple step aside to let you enter the king's treasury, but will assume that you are a servant on some errant, the customs officer will still demand your 2 coppers for using the bridge, as he would from a peasant). If you are engaging in any especially inappropriate behaviour (charging down the corridor swinging a battleaxe) or look particularly exotic (a half-dragon ogre in a convent), the target gains a +4 bonus on their saves. Engaging in any hostile actions while under the effect of the invocation automatically ends it.

Whirlwind Reaper

Dark Invocation

Equivalent Spell Level: 8
Components: S
Invoking Time: 1 standard action
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour
Save: See text

The invoker is affected as if by a Wind Walk (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/windWalk.htm) spell, with the following changes:
Changing to and from vapour form only takes a standard action, and while in vapour form, the invoker can fly with average maneuverability when moving with a speed faster than 10 rounds.
Additionally, as a move action, the invoker can surround himself with a howling, screaming whirlwind. A Windstorm (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/weather.htm#winds) surrounds him at a radius of five feet, though it does not affect the invoker himself, and he can fire ranged weapons through the wind as if it was not there at all. However, he still takes the penalty to listen checks from the howling storm, and can not move silently while surrounded by it.

Barbarian MD
2010-03-16, 01:56 PM
I haven't really touched the Warlock remake in a few weeks, so I'm so glad you're doing this.

2010-03-16, 02:25 PM
Sure. Any ideas on balance? You seemed better with that than I am.

Barbarian MD
2010-03-16, 02:38 PM
I'd say Greater would be fine (but realize that I'm pulling that out of thin air). Heck, it might not even be that much.

A Warlock has such a limited number of Invocations, and this has such a specific use that it seems alright to me. Consider that a warlock can spam Curse of Despair as a Lesser Invocation.

On the other hand, a Warlock could cast this an infinite number of times...

You probably want to make someone immune if they succeed on their save for that night's sleep. You might also want to increase the casting time or limit the number of times it can be used in a single night.

2010-03-16, 03:03 PM
Okay. Included a clause that being targeted gives you 24 hours of immunity, to prevent the warlock from spamming it for a few hours every night until the target fails it's save.

Also, a new one.

2010-03-17, 05:01 AM
Balance question: next idea is one that isn't from me, but was suggested in the warlock thread: entangling blast.

What level would a blast essence be that makes the targets entangled for one round or longer? I'd think it's actually one of the strongest essences around, as it seems to be about as useful as bewitching blast, and better than noxious blast, though not as good as utterdark blast (well, except for the fact that protecting against negative levels isn't that difficult, while entangling works against most creature types. Though, then there's Freedom of Movement).

If the damage was also replaced by bludgeoning/piercing, representing actual vines shot from your hands, would that weaken the blast enough to move it a little down? Most blasts change energy type, which usually makes the blast weaker by itself because of resistances. Here, DR/material would come into play, though I'm not sure how to balance that.

Zeru the Dark
2010-03-17, 10:17 AM
I'd say that it should be a Greater Eldritch Essence that deals half physical bludgeoning damage, half eldritch damage, with a Reflex save against the entanglement.

2010-03-23, 10:43 AM
Added a new Dark Invocation, Whirlwind Reaper. That's for the Queen of Air and Darkness, of course.

I have a greater essence written up, as well as a least utility invocation, which I'll also post later. Notes on balance are still welcome.