View Full Version : Looking to top off two cleric builds.

2010-03-16, 07:05 PM
Theme based builds. One being machines, the other being plants. So far I have a cleric-5/something -5 /Techsmith-10 and a (warforged)cleric-5/Landforged Walker-5.

I'd like to find a second PrC that fits with the theme for each one, however I'm having trouble and could use a hand.

The first one, Effigy master would be a natural fit, but the requirements prevent entry unless I cut out techsmith levels and that is a no-no.

The second one, plants don't seem to get much love in DnD, and I'm finding it hard to come up with other PrCs for. Faiths and Pantheons has one, but the feat requirements are steep.

So If I may pick you minds for ideas, anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

2010-03-16, 07:28 PM
Wait, the Warforged Cleric is the one themed for plants?

Maybe Fist of the Forest and a Monk dip?

Shades of Gray
2010-03-16, 07:30 PM
Holt Warden in Complete Champion has a focus on plants. I have since lost my book and do not remember the prereqs.

2010-03-16, 07:33 PM
Wait, the Warforged Cleric is the one themed for plants?

ayup. I've always been partial to the idea of ironwood body warforged being either some larval stage of tree folk, or being grown to serve as avatars of nature gods. :smallamused: