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2010-03-17, 03:57 PM
Hey guys,

Some time ago, I started playing a Jedi, and I asked the good people of the playground help with my character, as seen in this (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=136559) thread. People asked me then what I wanted to focus on, force powers or lightsaber fighting. I couldn't really decide then.

We're a bit further in the campaign now, and I've decided to do a (partial) rebuild of my character, and focus primarily on my lightsaber.

We're level 8 (Jedi 7/Jedi Knight 1) now, and my stats are:

Str: 10, dex: 16, con:13, int: 14, wis: 16, cha: 14

I'm thinking of this:

Jedi 1: starting feats
feat: force training (powers: battle strike(2), rebuke, surge, force lightning)
human: rapid strike
talent: deflect

Jedi 2: bonus feat: Skill focus (use the force)

Jedi 3: t: block
feat: acrobatic strike

Jedi 4: bf weapon finesse (LS)

Jedi 5: t: elusive target

Jedi 6: f: double attack
bf: Skill focus (acrobatics)

Jedi 7: t: lightsaber throw
spec: build lightsaber

Jedi knight 1 (8): t: Ataru

Since I've been using force lightning quite a lot I'm thinking of taking Sith apprentice at lvl 9, continuing as following for the next 4 levels:

Sith Apprentice 1 (9): t: multiattack proficiency
f: running attack

Sith Apprentice 2 (10): force t: Improved battle strike (force unleashed)

Sith Apprentice 3 (11): t: ?dark healing/multiattack prof?

Sith Apprentice 4 (12): ft: Improved force trance
f: accelerated strike (KOTOR)
ability: dex 17, con 14

After that I'm thinking of going into Sith Lord.

So, what are your thoughts? Any ideas, suggestions?

2010-03-18, 02:41 AM
Whats your darkside score? You need a score equal to your wisdom score to qualify for any sith PrC. If your going to take dark healing you might want to pick up improved dark healing(SECR pg. 224) and dark healing field(KoTOR pg. 40). It looks like you want to move and full attack in a round, so triple attack and dwm 1-3 might be advisable along with a few more multiattack proficiencys. You might also want to take a look at the lightsaber form powers in JATM.

2010-03-18, 03:34 AM
The darkside score is no problem, my GM and I covered it.

Triple attack sounds good. I really like the ataru style, and the two handed dex damage is pretty sweet, so dwm 1-3 isn't really my thing. So I need more multiattack profs.

Are the lightsaber forms worth taking? I'll need another force training, while I could also get a multiattack proficiency.

2010-03-18, 08:04 AM
It depends on what you want to do - look at the lightsaber forms(and don't forget some give you more of an effect if you have certain talents) and figure out if it fits what you want the character to be able to do in a combat, if not don't touch them. As for multiattack proficiency triple attack nets you a -10 penalty to your 3 attacks, so 4 more will bring that down to 0 or just get enough to make the penalty manageable. Don't think that you need just to get MaP look at other talents you might find some interesting ones. Also if you have dark rage you might want to think about getting improved dark rage(technique). And I don't know how the running attack is going to avail you if your intending to get upclose and personal(I don't believe it negates the AoO for moving away from a target or through their threat zone). All in all it looks good.

2010-03-18, 09:25 AM

You have a point there about running attack. I think ditch running attack, take accelerated strike at lvl 9, and take something else at lvl 12, maybe triple attack, and get more multiattack profs later on.