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2010-03-18, 05:58 PM
Well since my last idea, the random character generation table, I've recently thought up another. It simply is a table that allows you to easily create relationships between characters in a party.

All you do is simply roll on the table once for each other character in the party, this will tell you the relationship between the roller and the....er....rollee?

1|Both characters are strangers and have had no contact beforehand.
2|Character has an attraction towards the subject.
3|Acquaintances, the characters may have met on a few occasions but do not really know eachother.
5|Enemy, both characters have an enmity between them, though this may be one-sided if preferred.
6|Friend, Characters have met on several occasions and have good feelings towards each other.
7|Good Friend, Characters have a close relationship and would perform sacrifices for eachother.[/table]

Any other suggestions about other relationships to add?

2010-03-18, 07:18 PM
I think that such things are too important to be left to chance in most parties, and the players should figure it out ahead of time. If people are really stuck for ideas, then this could help.

2010-03-18, 09:32 PM
I agree with DracoDei, but another relationship idea is "Indebted."

One character (or both characters) is indebted to the other, following them around or perhaps helping them out because of this.

2010-03-19, 12:59 PM
*Dwarf looks at the elf with teary eyes*
"Big sis!? I thought you were dead!"
"Sis? Oh yes, indeed brother, happy reunion..."

You might want to include a re-rolling option on the 'sibling' row of the chart.


Fiery Diamond
2010-03-19, 01:06 PM
*Dwarf looks at the elf with teary eyes*
"Big sis!? I thought you were dead!"
"Sis? Oh yes, indeed brother, happy reunion..."

You might want to include a re-rolling option on the 'sibling' row of the chart.


Nothing says they couldn't be adoptive siblings, you know.

2010-03-19, 01:20 PM
Though normally reserved for PC/NPC relations, you could also include Teacher/Student.

Also not to be over looked is Assigned Guardian (this one seems to come up a lot in my campaigns)

2010-03-19, 01:44 PM
I agree with DracoDei, but another relationship idea is "Indebted."

One character (or both characters) is indebted to the other, following them around or perhaps helping them out because of this.

Gyaaahahaha! Reminds me of a game I played. I was a beguiler, very sneaky type, and I kept surreptitiously putting the party fighter into incriminating situations with the authorities, then showing up at the last minute to save him. Or getting him into dangerous gambling situations, then paying his debt. Any time he would repay his debt to me, I would do save him from a life in prison or whatnot, make him owe me all over again.

Out of character, the player wasn't sure whether to be constantly laughing or strangling me (but don't worry, I'm not a jerk, it was mostly the laughing). In character, the dude eventually got so fed up with constantly being in debt, he ran away in the middle of the night.

Man. That was a fun campaign.

2010-03-19, 03:43 PM
It would be really great to add another thing to the chart so it can be a d8. Otherwise, you roll a d8 and an eight is either a re-roll, which is boring, or player's choice, which is what we use the chart to avoid. Rivalry might be interesting to have; not exactly enemies but rivals.

2010-03-19, 09:17 PM
Good one actually. Childhood rivals would be great. Or they were trained in the same place, from the same town, etc.

2010-03-19, 11:11 PM
In love

One character has a crush on another character. Could be one sided.

A Target

One character has been hired to kill another. Could be double sided in a classic duo of two mercenaries pursuing one another.


One character has been hired to spy on another character. For months or even years, they have been sending notes back to their employer on the character's activities.

Multiple Coincidences

You have more than one relationship with another character. Roll 1d4 times to determine the number of mingling scenarios involving you and the other. If you roll the same relationship, roll again.

Paranoid Delusions

One character is a little strange in the head - as a result of this, he is unnaturally afraid of another character. Translates into conditional bonuses versus fear affects such as intimidate made from said character to the other at GM discretion.

Used to be Enemies

Perhaps one character fought for his sovereign in a war against the other character's state. Perhaps they are from competing guilds on deadly terms with one another. Either way, now they are adventuring together.


Whatever it is, whether small or large, something about one character really ticks another off. Could be racial too, perhaps helping to define a racist or other bigoted characteristic of another character.


One character might be the leader of another. Perhaps one mentored the other. Either way, they are now of equal or similar skill to one another and are working together (the mentor maybe retired for awhile). The younger character (or even of equal age or older), is honor bound to follow the mentor, or leader. Could also be apparent for religious reasons. Maybe the followed is deemed special or holy by either character's community or tribe (but nothing like a messiah since that could probably translate into the leadership feat).


One character has known another for a long time. However, for whatever reason, be it religious or cultural, one character has been taught to scorn the other. He may be deemed unholy by either character's closed community. Nevertheless, they have also been taught to 'get along' which essentially consists of the unholy one being lambasted for being pathetic, lacking honor, or generally unworthy of grace or formality. On a more intimate level, neither one may realistically hate the other for personal reasons.


In whatever manner, one character is the slave of another. They may have privileges afforded to them as if they were a servant, or treated with utmost misery and humiliation. However they cannot be killed or harmed without going beyond the usual barriers the GM defines for inter-party conflict.


One character actually works for another. The job may be minor (they are a butler, or maybe they are the peasant banging the coconuts alongside their lord's horse), or it could be similar to that of a cohort (but without the mechanical downside offered by the leadership feat, usually ensuring 'cohorts' remain npcs).


Characters have been lovers for a long time. Assume that their relationship and intimacy with one another does not hinder their abilities to work together and adventure without doubting the abilities of one another or fearing too much for one another, etc. Or perhaps it does hinder their abilities to adventure. It's player choice really.


One character is important and considered a member of nobility in his locality. The other is a traveling servant of that noble. Both are nonetheless competent and similarly skilled (thus, same level).

Militarily Obliged

In a war that occurred prior to the adventure, one character was the commanding officer of another. The stress of war has caused minor social delusions between the two. The CO still assumes command of the other, referring to him or her by rank or every now and then spouting 'that's an order soldier!', regardless of who the designated party leader actually is.

Business Partners

Both characters are traveling performers or professionals of a kind. Perhaps they were a part of the same guild and ran similar departments.

Love Triangle

Both characters have a crush on another character, be it a PC or NPC. This may cause conflicting jealousy, or (as likely desired by many players) a hawt threesome at the end of an adventure. :smallbiggrin:

A Secret

One character knows an embarrassing or deadly secret about another character. Perhaps he has threatened to black mail them about it or is planning to do so when the time is right (maybe to gain greater stake in the loot after a dungeon crawl).