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2010-03-19, 11:53 AM
There are two books I especially like in 3.5. the Book of Vile Darkness, and the Book of Exalted Deeds.

True, they have their faults, but they in base very flavorful (except ravages bull****...)

So, is there a similar thing to law and chaos?

2010-03-19, 11:54 AM
Though they tend more to the evil end of the spectrum, FC1 and FC2 do a good job at distinguishing Lawful from Chaotic behavior.

2010-03-19, 11:58 AM
So, is there a similar thing to law and chaos?As convenient as it would be, I find that such a thing would most likely only incite more rage. Simply put, if the members of the same gaming group can't agree on what alignments mean, what makes one think that WotC will "do it right?"

Have a look at Tome of Fiends for a little more clarification...

2010-03-19, 12:07 PM
If you agree or not is irrelevant, the books (of good/evil at least) gives you basic guildlines, and something to work out from.

Making your own opinion is easier with an established (even if you don't agree with) opinion of another, quashi-professional.

What I want from these books (if they exist), is something to work with as my base. a place to draw ideas from. something that gives comparisons between law and chaos, because that struggle is SO much more confusing then good versus evil.

2010-03-19, 12:10 PM
"The Codex Axiomaticum"

"Chaos Anthology - A Collection of Random Writings"

Ehh, I don't see them selling particularly well.

2010-03-19, 01:57 PM
If that's the case I am going to start with the insane project of actually MAKING these.

Naturally not as big as the actual BoED and BoVD, but in similar tense. I already have some stuff that I can use in there. (Vile is evil feats, Exsalted is good feat. so chaos have Luck feats, and law have Fate feats), heck some of my homebrew is already law/chaos oriented.
And Chaos IS going to be sane. (I will mention insane chaos. but its not the focus. sane chaos is.)

So, anyone can come up with good names? (Book of X Y)

Book of Absolute Order?
Book of Radical Rationality?

2010-03-19, 02:19 PM
There isn't, and there shouldn't be. Good and Evil are inherently opposed: evil is willing to screw over innocent bystanders, and good cares about what happens to said bystanders enough to do something about it. Law and Chaos are less about what you do than why you do it.

2010-03-19, 02:20 PM
The problem with trying to make a Law/Chaos bookset is that they aren't quite as...major as Good and Evil. 99% of the time, and 95% of the time in D&D campaigns, the two opposing forces are Good and Evil, not Law and Chaos. Neutral Good and Neutral Evil characters will likely kill each other on sight, but Lawful Neutral and Chaotic Neutral characters can usually get along without much more than annoyance. Very rarely will they draw swords against each other without good reason. Since they aren't as antagonistic to each other, an attempt to make them so will not be very successful.

Edit: Although Grumman sums up the basic point in less words.

2010-03-19, 02:33 PM
Its not a matter of being OPPOSED to each other, its a matter of that they EXISTS.

Good and evil CAN get along, if they share a goal.

The reason for Law/Chaos booklet is not to show how they fight each other, but to show how they work in the world of DnD, regardless of good and evil, chaos and law each have its own methods and own behavior, and if a character (PC r NPC) is extremely lawful or chaotic, how does that come into play?

What are the Archtypes of law and chaos?

What tools will never be used by a lawful man due to unpredictability and instability, and what tools will the enforcers of law use?

The current answers to law and chaos, including it's side called "crime and punishment" is underwhelming. you got manacles and masterwork ones, now THAT'S going to stop your superhuman criminals.

That's at least some of what I see in law and chaos. heck, half the time they are more interesting then good and evil.

Sinfire Titan
2010-03-19, 03:52 PM
There is one for Chaos, but it isn't exactly DnD in nature...

The Liber Chaotica, for WFRP. Absolutely no mechanics though, so YMMV. It's a great read.

2010-03-19, 07:38 PM
A Lawful character consistently complies with someone else's standards. A Chaotic character does what he feels like on a case by case basis. Hmm, some things that I've posted relatively recently would seem to be sort of illustrative, actually:

Law: "To truly know the correct path is to be compelled to walk it."
Chaos: "'Should'? 'Should'?! Screw 'should'. Screw it hard."

Should you wish to learn the ways of Chaos, read the Principia Discordia. I can state with a fair deal of confidence that no D&D writer has ever portrayed a Chaotic religion better than this. Hail Eris, or, if you prefer, don't!

2010-03-19, 07:48 PM
Personally I'd rather have a Book Of Acceptable Stuff for neutral characters.

Aron Times
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2010-03-21, 06:15 AM
I'm pretty sure that dicefreaks did a book on Law some time, after they did Gates of Hell. It got a little less publicity, though.