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2010-03-19, 12:56 PM
What I want to do is make a dnd 3.5 class based on the character Shaggy from the old scoobydoo cartoon. The class will be based around well running away from monsters and will have some sort of class ability that makes monsters run after them (Shaggy is usually bait for traps :D). This class will gain powers to do unthinkable things...in the name of running away (like jumping from pillar to pillar as they fall down)

BAB: Wizard
Saves: Good Fort, Ref, Will
Skills: All dex based skills, sense motive, jump, search, and swim

Skill points at first level
(5 X int mod) X 4
Skill points per level
4 + int mod

Light simple weapons, Simple ranged weapons
Light Armor (non metal)

Special: Scardy cats are scared for life they can't multiclass

Class skills
1: Fastmovement +10, Evasion, Trapsense +1
2: Non provoke +1
3: Uncanny Dodge (as rogue)
4: Trapsense +2
5: Non provoke +2, Neener Neener +2
6: Improved Uncanny Dodge
7: Trapsense +3
8: Non Provoke +3
9: Fast movement +5
10: Trapsense +4, Neener Neener +3
11: Non Provoke +4
12: Fast movement +5
13: Trapsense +5
14: Non Provoke +5
15: Fast movement +5, Neener Neener +4
16: Trapsense +6
17: Non Provoke +6
18: Fast movement +5
19: Trapsense +7
20: Non Provoke +7, Neener Neener +5

Non Provoke: When moving you do no provoke AoO from a number of enemies equal to the bonus during your movement. This can be the same enemy or multiple enemies, neener neener can be used with this ability.

Neener Neener: Make a bluff check vs. a number of enemies equal to the bonus. Ifyou beat the DC of enemy they follow you when you run, using the same path as you do but they can only move as far as their speed allows. This ability can be used in the middle of a move action. Gain a bonus to the check equal to 1/2 scardy cat level.

A scardy cat gains his/her level in certain skill checks, this includes jump, swim, tumble, climb and exscape artist (more may be applied later).

Speedy: Check
Hard to hit: Check
Bait: Check
Wuss: Check

What do you all think? This character would be used as a controller type, causing enemies to run by other characters so AoO can happen or run by a hidden rogue so that sneak attack can happen. If you don't have a rogue this character can set off the traps and avoid them.

The Vorpal Tribble
2010-03-19, 01:46 PM
You might find this of interest: Wary Template (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3411004&postcount=11)

2010-03-20, 08:34 PM
Hit die?

A fair representation of Shaggy. Except the whole appetite thing he had...

2010-03-21, 08:25 PM
I thought about making an ability where you can eat fallen enemies but that might be a bit to much (athough they did have shaggy and scooby eat a cotton candy monster....)

Also I may provide hide in plain sight also, there are alot of times when in the show badies walk right past him

Hit die: d8, your love for food and constant exercise (even if it is cowardly) makes for a strong body. Makes sense, no one can run that much without having alot of leg muscles and a good set of lungs :D

2010-03-21, 09:24 PM
Don't forget his ability to throw his voice.


2010-03-21, 10:39 PM
Don't forget a massive Bluff and Disguise bonus -- they often fooled the baddies into thinking they were other things -- chefs, hairdressers, statues, etc.

2010-03-29, 10:36 PM
He can add his class levels in those skills then?

Also with throwing the voice maybe give him ghost sound as at-will

Maybe a type of polymorph... yes polymorph since shaggy could reshape his body to hide behind a pole or in a mail box :D

I want to play this class in a one shot XD