View Full Version : [PF] Blasting Sorcerer: Stat me out from 1-20

2010-03-19, 08:26 PM
Ok, so I want to build a blasting sorcerer. The rest of the group is deeply unoptimized, and, hey, I've always loved this class. I can use pathfinder for everything, and any feats I find in here. (http://realmshelps.dandello.net/index.shtml)

What bloodline should I choose? Spells? I don't really want to use the sorcerer's handbook, that's not really how I play. Oh, and very high magic campaign, double pathfinder WBL.

Stats: 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13

2010-03-19, 09:05 PM
Draconic and Elemental are the obvious bloodlines for a blaster. Draconic is the more powerful one, IMO, and it leads into Dragon Disciple naturally if you want to put your stats to use in stomping around in melee a little bit; by the end of Dragon Disciple you'll be up 4 Strength, 2 Con, and a good 7 natural armor (3 from Disciple itself, 4 from Disciple advancing the Dragon Resistances bloodline power.) Feat and spell choice can be pretty much anything you want- the only absolute need would be Energy Substitution(your draconic energy choice) so you can alter your spells to benefit from the Draconic Bloodline Arcana.

2010-03-19, 09:22 PM
1)Arcane Bloodline.
2)Get Telekinesis.
3)Get Arcane Thesis for Telekinesis.
4)Pick your favorite metamagic feats, twin being a favorite for TK.
5)Invest in one Colossal siangham per CL you will ever have.
6)Invest in a Quiver of Elhona to house them.
7)Perforate anything that moves :)