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Geiger Counter
2010-03-20, 03:40 AM
One-Handed Exotic Melee Weapons
Gauntlet of the Lion* 20 Gp 1d6 1d8 x2 15 lb. Bludgeoning,
.................................................. ................slashing and piercing
*with the gauntlets of the lion you can start a grapple as a free action.
you cannot cast spells with a gauntlet on both hands.

Corporate M
2010-03-20, 04:16 PM
I'm not familiar with God of War, but I love homebrewing. I'll try to help you out as best I can...

God of War gets pretty friggin ridiculous with the way he's always kicking deity ass. So it's going to be a powerful weapon, I won't even attempt to put a price on it.

Lion Hands:
Prequisite: Strength 18 or more, Constitution 14 or more.
Special: You can only make attacks with the lion hands as long as they are weilded. (Obviously you cannot hold weapons this way)
Effect 1: You gain a +10 bonus on grapple, climb, jump, and tumble checks.
Effect 2: Damage dealt this way cannot be healed untill a "remove curse" or "dispell" is cast. Then can be healed normally. (A wish or miracle could make it healable and heal it at the same time)
Effect 3: All attacks with lion hands are considered a natural "bite" attack. They deal piercing/bludgeon damage.
--Damage: 2d8 Critical: 18-20 Multiplyer: x3

2010-03-20, 04:41 PM
Tumble is actually worse when those are equipped, so I would guess you'd get a penalty to it. Damage should probably be higher though.

Cestus, or are they different, and I'm analyzing them wrong?

2010-03-20, 06:18 PM
Large gauntlets?

Dragon Elite
2010-03-20, 07:11 PM
Fluff out spiked gauntlets, give them a damage/critical bonus.

Admiral Squish
2010-03-20, 07:14 PM
...Human-usable battlefists?

Geiger Counter
2010-03-20, 07:28 PM
never mind I stated them myself.
Edit: Oh yeah these things are probably require magic just to work.
How much would that add to the cost?