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asphen fox
2010-03-20, 04:03 AM
I'm a little confused with the wording of this feat. From what I get right now it does the following for Martial adepts (I think I understood what it does with non-martial adepts already so um... yeah.):

1: Allows the martial adept to choose a maneuver from any discipline
2: If the chosen maneuver is from a discipline that's not from a school previously available to the Martial Adept class taken, the player gains skill of the discipline as a class-skill for all classes taken from that point onwards
3: Allows the maneuver to be recovered using the recovery method of the Martial Adept class taken
4: The maneuver chosen with the feat cannot be exchanged with any other maneuver.

My confusion arose after reading the [Special] part of the text. According to the text:

...a discipline to which you have already gained access by means of this feat. ...

From my perspective, that part implies that the discipline from which the maneuver gained is chosen from is now available to the player who took the feat as an additional school. This means that the player can then choose maneuvers in that school as a new maneuver known every time the player gains a new maneuver.

Of course, my interpretation may be wrong so I really want to hear everyone's opinion about this matter. Thanks to all who respond. :smallsmile:

2010-03-20, 06:17 AM
The entire "Special" section of the feat deals only with taking it multiple times:

"Special: You can take this feat up to three times. Each time you take it after the first, you gain one of two benefits. (1.)You can choose a new discipline, gaining one of its maneuvers and its key skill as a class skill, described above. Alternatively, (2.) you can choose a maneuver from a discipline to which you have already gained access by means of this feat. In either case, you must meet the maneuver's prerequisite."

There are two options for what happens when you take this feat a second or third time. One is to choose a new discipline, gaining its key skill as a class skill and learning one maneuver from it. The other option is to learn another maneuver from the discipline you picked from a previous instance of this feat. The entire "Special" section of the feat has absolutely nothing to do with a martial adept selecting his class-granted maneuvers. The sentence to which you are referring is merely an option given for when this feat is taken a second or third time.

2010-03-20, 11:19 AM
I agree with BF. No, a Warblade taking Martial Study (Foehammer) cannot simply select Devoted Spirit maneuvers from then on.

If you're into that kind of character, just make a Master of Nine.

2010-03-20, 05:16 PM
Yeah, it kind of makes sense that you don't get a huge amount of maneuvers at you fingertips just for one feat. That would surely be broken.

asphen fox
2010-03-21, 08:01 AM
Yeah. I was wondering about that. Saying "gained access" holds so much implications already and they could've just said "Alternatively, you can choose another maneuver from one of the disciplines chosen with this feat". It would've been less confusing and less wordy.

Anyways, thanks.