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2010-03-22, 06:40 PM
The adventurers are told the entrance to a dungeon is somewhere on the back side of a mountain, and after searching their little skill checks off they finally find the entrance that leads to a big room with some treasure in it (something really nice :D). Seeing that there was loot right here they decide to go on to find the big loot.... They run into monsters (odd amount of them have their backs turned from the way they are coming) and continue going.... After a long haul into corridors and rooms and other murky places they come upon a hallway that has a giant set of doors at the end. After a str check to open them they see bright light and the person who told them where the entrance was... The guy excitably says "Oh you found it! Sorry I told you the wrong side of the mountain but it looks like you all found the entrance and already been inside!"

Just leave it to the party to find the backdoor to the dungeon :D

I'm thinking f doing this eventually but i need a way for it to be less likely someone will figure it out (the people i play with don't come on giantitp.com)

2010-03-22, 06:55 PM
Haha that sounds like quite a nice dungeon to randomly through in mid-campaign (if things are getting boring) to spice things up a bit :P

It could simply be explained that while going round the mountain to look for an entrance they were climbing it slightly, then upon entering they started to descend. That would be perfectly logical, but because both entrances are on different levels the party can descend to the 'front door' without noticing.

Just my two pence :smallsmile:

2010-03-22, 07:39 PM
I could see the entrance they find looking like a cellar door on a house that is concealed ground level that leads waaay down then to some rooms and then down some more (to a pit where a boss is) then back up to about mid way up the mountain.

Although the xp would be worth it I wouldn't put anymore treasure in the dungeon besides of course what was in the first room XD

2010-03-22, 09:54 PM
Maybe they follow a couple (monster X)'s as they bring back supplies. Deliveries always come in the back :D

2010-03-23, 09:54 PM
Hmm that is good =]

Once they open the front doors maybe have the Big Boss of the dungeon stand looking at them while saying "why were you in there?"

2010-03-23, 09:58 PM
I once had a DM that let us go through the whole dungeon, and picking up the axe at the end, out of it's treasure chest, caused all the statues to come to life, so we had to go through dungeon backwards. Boss first, then the other encounters, to reach the exit.