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2010-03-23, 11:21 PM
So Ill be paying in a new game and I wanted to make a character based off of Iron Man. Warforged are not allowed. I was thinking about using Warlock as a base because its pretty perfect.

I have permission from my DM to use the Battlecaster feat twice, letting me were Heavy Armor if I take it twice. Also if it helps Optimize I am able to get into the Eldritch Knight prestige class, again I already have DM permission for this.

Any and all material is allowed, 32 pt buy. I had thought to get into Cyrian Avenger and then Eldritch Knight but Im just not sure if this is gonna be that flavorful.

Any help would be appreciated.

Oh, the campaign will be played almost entirely in a city. Well be using the Tolus book alot. Were V for Vendetta esk heros trying to take down a tyrannical Government.

2010-03-23, 11:22 PM
Oh one more thing well be starting at third level.

2010-03-23, 11:25 PM
Go for "Called" armor, Magic Item Compendium. +2,000gp.

2010-03-23, 11:35 PM
Seeing as you plan on being Iron Man, I'd have to say go with a human (Maybe named Tark Stony or something...), just for the extra feat/skills. Otherwise, just about anything without LA or a charisma penelty would be a great choice for you.

As far as armor goes, though, why not just go with mithril full plate when you can afford it and a breastplate beforehand? Then you only would have to take Battlecaster once, and saving feats is quite useful for lending power. I'd recommend maybe taking Craft Wand when you can, thanks to your warlock crafting ability combined with your UMD skill, giving you a large array of the Iron Man suit's tricks (just from the movie you could use clvl 9 MM for his multi-targeting gun, scorching ray for the flamethrower, not quite sure for his repulsor beam though). Anyway, I wish you luck with this idea, it sounds like a lot of fun!

Edit: Doh, just use your eldritch blast for all his tricks with that, silly me.

2010-03-23, 11:39 PM
How about Clockwork Armor? (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/cw/20070212a) Whenever you can afford it.

Edit: Called Clockwork Armor sounds especially delicious, as you bypass the 10 minutes it takes to put it on :smallbiggrin:

2010-03-24, 01:03 AM
Thanks for the input, I like the called armor idea. I know I said all material is go, but I dont know if I can get clockwork armor past :P

Any ideas about a build, I definately think the Eldritch Spear is important, but I feel that I shouldnt be a total slouch in mellee range

2010-03-24, 01:04 AM
Oh I was also thinking about using the Heirloom Item feat for the armor

2010-03-24, 02:14 PM
ba ba ba bump

2010-03-24, 02:26 PM
See if your DM will let you keep a round ioun stone strapped to your chest on your armor.

2010-03-25, 05:27 PM
Does anyone have an idea for a build that fits better than what Ive already said?

2010-03-25, 05:30 PM
Personally I think that an artificer would do a better job at emulating him, so you could actually make/upgrade your suit as you gained levels, and could have a number of other tricks.

2010-03-25, 05:35 PM
Does anyone have an idea for a build that fits better than what Ive already said?

Oh, you'll eventually want Craft Wondrous Item (for all those miscellaneous things he uses), and of course, Craft Magic Arms & Armor... but you seem to have what you want worked out pretty well. Forge Ring might go well, too - while expensive, a Ring of Telekinesis goes a long way towards some of the more out-there abilities. And it's at-will.

The Shadowmind
2010-03-25, 06:19 PM
What about a set up like this, it is a bit out of the price range for third level, but most of the things are affordable in just a few levels.

Armor: Called Clockwork armor(of course, as already mentioned.)
Boots:Boots of Levitation(or Fell Flight invocation, or something better, (7,500, when you could buy it the invocation is a better choice, but you might want to use the slot for something else)
Face:Google of Foe Finding ["Targeting system"(2,500)
Arm:Maybe Bracers of the entangling blast. (Another Debuff, and can make running away very hard.
Hands:Gloves of Eldritch Admixture(When extra damage is needed (2,500)
Armor Crystal, Pick from: Restful, Adaptation, Iron Ward, or Lifekeeping (Least Crystal)
Head:Hat of disguise, turn it into a helmet, and plenty of other uses.(1,800)
Throat:Maybe Chronocharm, of the horizon walker(500) or Wink Brooch(600)
Shoulders:Cloak of Resistance +1(1,000)....yeah I can't think of anything better right now.
Torso:Tunic of Steady Spellcasting, replace it with something better later, but sometimes casting the Eldritch Blast of the defensive is needed.(2,500)
Waist: Healing Belt,A must have at low levels (750)

Tried to find the lower priced magic item's that could help a warlock, and fit the Iron man theme. The experienced minmaxers of the board probably could do a better job thought.

2010-03-25, 06:26 PM
Artificer is a much better fit for your concept, since you can actually enchant powers into your armor, instead of collecting warlock invocations and fluffing them as coming from the armor. Additionally, artificer is hella strong and Iron Man is no slouch, so you'd be using higher-quality ingredients to bake your gourmet cake, if you catch my metaphor.

However, warlock will work. Take craft wondrous item and craft magic arms and armor ASAP. You'll be enchanting your armor with flight, crit resistance, and possibly invulnerability at higher levels. I would go with an adamantine heavy armor rather than a mithril light armor, and a high boost to all physical stats through +stat items.

If your DM will let you work the items into the armor so that you can call the whole shebang at once, that's nice too.

Definitely get endure elements for environmental controls, and then a choker of whatchacallit, the one that provides fresh air and makes you immune to gas attacks, to represent the internal air supply.

2010-03-25, 06:31 PM
Armor Crystal of Life Keeping is a must if only not for pure coincidal flavor resemblance :smalltongue:

2010-03-29, 12:03 PM
Okay, a friend mentioned this thread to me the other day and I just had to comment on it. I built a Iron Man character a while back for his campaign. The concept was simple. I wanted an arcane caster who could wear the heaviest armour possible without sacrificing much in the way of spellcasting.

He's a dwarf with 1 level or fighter (armour proficiencies), levels of wizard, and levels of runesmith, which is a dwarf only prestige class from Races of Stone. Now, I can't remember off the top of my head what is required for Runesmith, but what they get at first level is Rune Magic. With this, spells are prepared by scribing runes and cast by using these runes. A benefit of this is that you don't need any gestures in order to cast the runes, eliminating the need for arcane spell failure. I equipped him with mountain plate from the same book simply because it was the heaviest armour possible. It requires a feat but you can simply use the bonus fighter feat for that. Afterwards, the rest is up to you as there are many good feats for an Iron Man type character. The rest is mostly up to spells that mimic the suits abilities.

The downside is that you won't be able to do this at your starting point of level three, but you can build up to it pretty quickly. I think by level 6.

Here's hoping that I can share the pain my DM has experienced when dealing with a flying, spellcasting tank.

2010-04-06, 01:49 AM
Thanks for all the advice guys it was very helpful :)