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2010-03-25, 05:54 PM
So We're playing this nWoD game,
and two of hte PC got knocked out (they were at the other end of a Arcade, and i had to break down 3 walls (cos all 3 arcade gates were locked) to get to them.
So anyway, there are these guys, carrying the body of our fallen team mates (and two spare not carrying anyone).
after a discussion of "Hey You can't take that, that's my friend you've got there!"
The two spare attack me.
I engage them in melee combat while the other players starts shoots at the ones who're steeling the other PC's.
He Hits one for 6, the guy is still up, doesn't miss a step.
He Hits him again for 10. the guy doesn't evn slowdown (though a large chunk of his shoulder is gone)
other PC: "What Are these things? THEY JUST WON'T DIE!"
Me (my character, after cutting one of the guys in half and seerly wounding the others in now unconcios): "Don't waste you ammo one them. The're Plot Elementals, they can't die. kill the one who just knocked me out."

2010-03-25, 05:58 PM
Ah yes, the plot elemental, aka The Conductor, The River Bend, The Highway Cop, or the Metronome. You are wise to follow the beat of his drum my friend, wise indeed.