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CN the Logos
2010-03-25, 06:49 PM
So, an online friend of mine who enjoys free form roleplaying is interested in learning how to play D&D 3.5, with me as DM. We ran a couple of sessions a few months ago in a group, but that campaign sort of fell through due to differing free times, and won't be started up again because another member of the group has apparently decided I'm an evil bastard. So...

We decided a solo campaign might be cool, and because she'll be the only player, and a new one at that, a gestalt character seemed like the way to go. After a brainstorming session, she decided on a good-aligned cleric/wizard.

Now, here's what I want to know. I'm looking for monsters and other challenges that I can use that are flavorful, but aren't certain doom for a lone, low level, cleric/wizard hybrid. Save-or-die/suck/become my servant effects are the enemy here, at least for bad guys that are going to engage in stand-up fights. I want a bit of danger, but not in that weird wizard way of either nothing happens or the victim dies (and in this case, has no one to resurrect him). I know I want to start above 1st level, and I was thinking either 3rd or 5th (probably 3rd, I want her to have time to adjust to the rules and so on before the time comes to choose a prestige class, but at the same time 5th would give her more of a safety net). I'm a little torn on that, so advice there would be useful as well.

Random cool things that could make the game more fun for a new player are welcome too, as long as they don't make it so hard to challenge the character that I can't DM. I don't think this is going to be much of a problem though; we're both Real Roleplayers (tm), she's new to the system, and there's no one else for backup (or to outshine).

Actual request ends here. In case it helps, here's a short rundown of the setting.

World: My own homebrew AU Earth. Same continents, many of the same religions, same languages, but magic has always existed and has changed history in many ways.

Time: THE FUTURE. But instead of becoming some weird megitek Spelljammer thing, full scale magical wars and other, mysterious catastrophes have led to the standard humanoid races and their civilizations starting to die out. Goblinoids, being more suited to high-magic environments in this setting, are ironically the majority for once, though they aren't anywhere near the numbers of modern, real-world humanity. It isn't all blasted wasteland and depression, but I'm definitely trying to use the feelings of loneliness and melancholy at seeing the end of an era to RP advantage. If you ever played the first Wild ARMS, remember that sinking feeling you got watching Rudy's intro? That's what I'm going for.

PC: Epiphanes, Gnostic cleric and student of the arcane. Described by his player as "a good kid."

All suggestions welcome!

ETA: And while I'm at it, what does everyone think of Justin Alexander's variant turning rules (http://www.thealexandrian.net/creations/advanced-rules/turning.html)? I think they're much more logical and intuitive, but I'm reluctant to change such a major class feature in a solo campaign without getting some other opinions first. Thoughts?

CN the Logos
2010-03-26, 07:10 PM
Come on guys, I'm not asking you to hold my hand here, just some feedback on starting level, variant turning, and things/creatures to most definitely avoid is all. Any other cool stuff you could suggest is a bonus.

(I won't keep bumping, but I thought I'd try the once.)

2010-03-26, 08:24 PM
I'd say to play it by ear. If this is freeform, the setting should tell you what encounters she'll get. A 1st level Wizard/Cleric gestalt is a ton of fun to play. It's always dangerous, but you have the ability to deal with any imaginable problems.

Start there, go forward.

2010-03-26, 09:03 PM
Might I recommend a Wizard//Archivist as opposed to Wizard//Cleric. MAD is brutal at low levels.

Just a Suggestion (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/suggestion.htm) though. [These are not the classes you are looking for...]:smalltongue:

2010-03-26, 09:06 PM
Most of the save or loose (or worse) spells are a will or fort save which a cleric/ wizard should have in hand. Just my 2 pennies.