View Full Version : A Literal Wall Of Blades

2010-03-26, 02:29 PM
Someone I know once brought up an idea...

A defending weapon's bonus stacks with all others, right...

Dancing weapons (or everdancing, if you're willing to pay epic prices) stay in your immediate area assuming that's what you direct them to do, and as far as I know you can apply a dancing defending weapon's enhancememt bonus to your armor class.

How about fifty of them?

Or however many can feasibly surround you.

Is this possible, or is it cheesier than some Theoretical Op stuff I've seen?

2010-03-26, 02:41 PM
The catch is a dancing weapon only dances for four rounds, then drops. Releasing a sword to dance is a standard action so there's no way you could get fifty around you simultaneously. The most you could have at once is four.

The other catch is the insane expense in gold. For the cost of all those swords you could get much cooler stuff.

The final catch is your trick might not work at all.

While dancing, it cannot make attacks of opportunity, and the person who activated it is not considered armed with the weapon. In all other respects, it is considered wielded or attended by the creature for all maneuvers and effects that target items.

2010-03-26, 02:54 PM
You don't really need dancing to do that. You don't have to wield the defending weapon to get the bonus. As for it being cheesy ? Yeah, prepare for the banhammer.