View Full Version : Druid Grove help?

2010-03-26, 02:45 PM
Hey, all.

I need a Druid's Grove for my game tomorrow. I know the class itself, but I have absolutely no idea how to make a druid's grove. They're not going to kill the druids... fortunately... they're just wanting information on the health of the land, so all I need is roleplay, fluff, location stuff (I imagine there will be greenery! :D)

One of the PCs is a druid herself, so she should "know" stuff about how to find the druids, communicate with them, whatever.

Again, aside from the class stats, I'm clueless. I have no idea if there should be multiple druids together, or single/pairs, or guardians (I assume so), and such.

Any ideas, tips, suggestions, books I should go over?

Thanks so much for your help!

2010-03-26, 02:57 PM

That might be a place to start. Web sup. for Masters of the Wild, on setting up a Druid's grove.