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2010-03-26, 03:34 PM
Is it possible to surround a whole town with some kind of Magic Circle of Protection? The thing is i just want to have a city free of evil outsiders to the best of my abilities

I checked the Stronghold Builder's Guide for answers but couldn't get much out of it.

Maybe Hallowing the area might work, but I don't have the ruling form that spell at hand right now.

Any Ideas?

2010-03-26, 03:39 PM
This would be an Ask your GM.

If a player asked me to do this i would say they would need to do some math.

Aka find out how much the material components would be.

Then they would eather need to find every caster in the town or blow all there spells for the day to cast it(thats our groups defualt OMG I am trying to push as much magic energy into one thing as possible).

Though i would let you do it.

You may also want to check the spell forbarence (i know i Miss spelled it) i belive from spc.

2010-03-26, 03:41 PM
Magic Circle Against Evil a couple hundred times. And Permanency each.

2010-03-26, 03:42 PM
I think Hallow would let you do something like that.

2010-03-26, 03:49 PM
Hallowing would work. It makes the area permanently guarded by magic circle against evil, in addition to several other benefits. Just keep casting hallow until the entire town is covered. You could also tie detect evil to the hallowed sites for a year (i presume this would automatically reveal all evil creatures), a harmful spell like bane targeting evil creatures, or zone of truth so evil creatures have trouble maintaining lies or posing as humans. Maybe tie different spells to different hallowed zones depending on what you need.

You can also protect an area with Forbiddance. It permanently blocks teleportation/plane shifting abilities into and within the area, and can deal up to 12d6 damage to those with opposing alignments upon entering.

Hallow and Forbiddance, two great tastes that taste great together.

Another idea is to have a city guard comprised of paladins, even if they're all level 1. A police force with detect evil at will makes it hard for evil creatures to stick around undetected.

2010-03-26, 04:26 PM
Those are some really good ideas, I will now check for the Hallow description and how to use it best.
I like the idea of having a few spells t spring out automatically as soon as an Evil aligned character enters town.

EDITED-- After a while I could get my hands on the spell description for Hallow, [ http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/hallow.htm ] but I'm a bit confused about its duration, and the duration of the spells included into the Hallowed area.

Is the Hallow spell "permanent"? Do the spells stay put even after they are triggered or do I need to cast them again?

I'm sure there is some obvious thing I'm missing, but it does not hurt to ask.

2010-03-26, 06:30 PM
The hallow spell is instantaneous. That means not only does it last forever, it can't be dispelled or disjuncted. The only way to get rid of it is to unhallow the area.

All of its benefits last forever except for the additional spell you can choose to tie to it. You can only pick one spell per hallowed area, and that spell stops functioning after one year. Then you can cast hallow again to renew it, or select a new spell to have for a year.

2010-03-26, 08:15 PM
As a GM I would allow such an effect, with some requirments.

Find out what the intended area is. Look up the components for circle of protection and Hallow. Creat wondrous item feat would be needed. I would ad in the need for a meterial, metal or stone. This would need to be carved and placed at the edge of the spell effect. For every lenge of the area equal to the radius of an extended hallow or circle of protection. Maybe both. As for time, how ever long it takes to lay the stone or metal markers and cast the spells.