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2010-03-26, 03:59 PM
While I was slaving away taking down Christmas lights (Don't ask) and doing other busy work, I thought this idea up. A Tom Clancy-esque Eberron Campaign, why? Simply put is because I think it would be rather simple, and awesome at the same time.

Reason 1): Eberron is set up for all sorts of tension from the last war, and there are even suggestions of secret campaigns to gain an edge in the inevitable next war. Any of the Nations of Khorvaire (Sp?) would probably have a ghost cell or something like that.
Reason 2): There are already organizations that are like this. The Dark Lanterns and the Royal Eyes are two prominent organizations that come to mind.
Reason 3): There are Terrorists in Khorvaire (SP?). Seriously, the Ashbound is a great example. Destroy cities so Nature can rule, excellent.

However, I'm pretty sure I'm lacking bits here, so please feel free to assist.

2010-03-26, 06:37 PM
I've only read one Clancy book ever (Rainbow Six), so I'm not so familiar with how to go about it. However, there are indeed a lot of possible counterterrorist vs terrorist opportunities.

1. The Emerald Claw. Karrnath officially considers them terrorists. One immediate scenario I can think of is a bunch of operatives smuggling Karrnathi skeletons in caskets (under the guise of "plague victims---do not touch") on board a train they think has an artifact. The skeletons go active and take everyone on the train hostage.

2. The Darguul. While Darguun is struggling to be an officially-recognized nation, it still has elements who don't care much for Lhesh Haruuc or the other nations' approval, and thus still go on slave raids. You might discover that the slavers are actually trading with the Lords of Dust, who are raising the slaves as an army of dust-stuffed (template in Explorer's Handbook) suicide bombers.

3. The Lords of Dust themselves. They're typically rather subtle, but you could have the PCs investigate the parliament lords of Breland to discover that a few of them have actually already been replaced by Rakshasa.

4. Haydith ir'Wynarn, Kaius III's 15-year old sister, is abducted by <insert special interest group here>. A ransom message is broadcast throughout House Sivis's information systems. The girl has ties to both her native Karrnath and to Breland (she was sent as an exchange student/political hostage there, but Boranel actually enjoys her company), so the other nations look on nervously as the world teeters on the brink of war. Again.

5. Bandits have been raiding lightning rails throughout Aundair. Thing is, they haven't been using horses to ambush the trains. They've been using phantom steeds---trademark of the Aundairian army's own Knight Phantom division.

6. Settlements on the border of the Mournlands are being raided by extremely powerful warforged who have been dragging away dragonmarked heirs. The warforged are not just dumb muscle--they have powerful magical weapons, and some spellcasters even have elemental grafts. The local militia haven't been able to deal with them. Meanwhile, the dragonmarked houses are viewing each other with increased suspicion and can't agree on how to intervene. They don't want to lose their primary assets, but in the meantime, they don't want the other houses to get opportunities to profit off them. The Last War was bad, but a war involving the Dragonmarked Houses may just bring about a conflict that will be much more crippling to life as we know it on Khorvaire.

7. The Dreaming Dark. Nuff said.