View Full Version : 7th level duskblade build; any dips?

2010-03-26, 08:25 PM
I may play a 7th level character, predominantly a duskblade. However, since most of my games as a player don't level very fast, or very far, there is really no way this PC will get to level 10, 14, or 20... Probably 7th level, maybe 8th, before the year ends.

So, are there any dips I might do to make a cool PC out of this duskblade? maybe a 6/1 or a 5/2? Fighter is good for 2 levels for Bonus feats. Wizard for one, for the summon familiar and scribe scroll. Any others perhaps, to make a bit of a stronger team player?

3.5 world, normal handbooks seem to be allowed.

2010-03-26, 09:19 PM
If you dip Wizard, go Conjuerer and give up your familiar for Abrupt Jaunt.

Other dips:
1-2 Marshal if you have high CHA
3 Factotum if you can burn 3 levels
1-2 Fighter for feats
3 Swashbuckler if you can burn 3 levels
1-2 Barbarian for Rage + Totem goodies
1 Master of Masks for proficiency with all exotic weapons
2 Chameleon for extra spells plus a floating feat
1-2 Psion for psionic goodness IF you can burn a feat on Practiced Manifester. 6d10 mindthrusts can ruin someones day.

If you really want a familiar, take Obtain Familiar+Improved Familiar. Mephits/Imps work so much better with full BAB.

2010-03-26, 09:22 PM
Some people will lambaste me for this, picking up a level of Dragon Shaman for the Vigor aura could be handy.

2010-03-26, 09:34 PM
I played one to 18th level with a good survival rate. Took dwarf for the fun acting and general fun involved. I dipped 2 levels into fighter for the feats I would need. I went the tripper route. However, trying to remember the name involved but it was arcane strike or something similar to that effect that kept me going after level 6-7 i believe. It allowed for me to lose spells to save people and deal amazing damage. It was in general fun dwarf who was disciplined...except when it came to alchohol...then he just wanted to challenge everyone to improve himself...