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2010-03-26, 09:19 PM
My gaming group uses Orrex's Net Libram of Random Magicial Effects in our game occasionally. The only downside is that rolling d10000s and consulting a chart tends to eat up a bit of time. To combat this, I coded up a little JavaScript application that randomly selects an item from the chart.

I'm posting it here in hopes that it might be useful to you.


2010-03-26, 10:06 PM
Interesting effects...but the link to the effect list seems to be "broken" in which you have to click the did you mean this? link after it.

2010-03-26, 10:15 PM
Thank you for pointing that out. It is fixed now.

2010-03-27, 12:52 AM
What would generate such a thing? I've clicked through it a few times, and am amused by imagining what it would do for my PC's.

...though that 'Go invisible when below 50% HP' thing would be disastrous in the hands of the typical Rogue player.

2010-03-27, 01:00 AM
Wild Surges came as a side effect of AD&D 2nd edition Wild Mages, from Tome of Magic.

Back then, we took our magic really serious. Pages 5-9.

2010-03-27, 01:13 AM
This is rather amusing.

"Caster disappears upon falling asleep, reappears upon waking." No more being ambushed at night?

"Caster's boots explode, inflicting 3d10 damage to all near him." I really need to make this into a 3.5 spell. Maybe with a target other than "self."

"Caster can prepare one spell a day with no Saving Throw." Huh. Useful.

"All females within 60 yards are covered in mustard." Huh. Double useful.

2010-03-27, 01:54 AM
The point is for it to be random.

A normal mage tests the shower water before hopping in. He doesn't want to get burned. He makes sure he has bath wash, exfoliant, shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in conditioner. He puts a towel on the floor, so not to get water all over his bathroom. If a lady walks in on him, he blushes and mumbles apologies as he hopes his frosted shower door concealed him adequately. If he is in someone else's home, he even wears shower sandals, so he doesn't catch foot fungus in a strange shower. He will have a relatively safe shower experience.

A Wild Mage straps two bars of soap onto his feet, takes his clothes off in the neighbor's yard, and breaks into the neighbor's bathroom window. He tosses up the horns and stares directly into the showerhead as he turns it on full blast. He uses anything the neighbor's have lying around while skating around the tub on his awesome soap skates. If a female police officer enters the bathroom to get him to leave, he will tell her to take off that uncomfortable uniform and clean up with him. He may get scalded, break his neck, get shot, get a cold shower, or get into a torrid love triangle with a police lady. Regardless, he will have the most awesome shower ever.

I am kind of sad Wild Mages weren't ever fully converted to 3.x. (It's a really lame prestige class in complete arcane. Completely gutted.) Imagine someone who takes to magic like an honest to goodness mad scientist. Someone whose mind is gifted toward arcane pursuits, but so lacking sanity, that it throws caution to the wind in pursuit of more power. Imagine channeling the literal madness from the subconsciousness of every other mage on your plane through your spell. That is the wild mage. Hear her roar.

2010-03-27, 08:03 AM
Gdiddy, your post just made my day.

2010-03-27, 09:54 AM
I aim to please. Just remember to credit me if you quote it.

Also, I think I'm going to home brew a 3.5 wild mage.