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2010-03-26, 11:01 PM
Hello there my friends.

I know we are all familiar with some of the Dagger throwing variants, though I specifically am interested in the Iaijutsu master/master thrower approach.

My situation is this. I would love to throw me some daggers, but other than maybe a one level dip in Bloodstorm blade I'm not interested in throwing much else.. if I do happen to do so I'd prefer its more of a surprise without too much investment.

I would also like this character to NOT be a one trick pony. That being said, I will probably invest somewhat in the TWF tree so that I can go melee or range with the dagger attacks.

"I'm not a one trick pony" also brings me to my line of questions however:

1) How viable is using Factotum in place of Samurai to qualify? I'm under the impression it would take a bit longer to meet the prereqs for Iajutsu master but do the benefits outweigh the con? I'm also taking feats into consideration here.

2) Would it be smarter to do a combination of Samurai/factotum? Or Just one or the other?

3) Any build progression advice would be much appreciated.

To make this a little easier I'll go ahead and throw in a little information:

- My games don't always get super high level so I probably would prefer to enter the PrC's sooner rather than later.

- For the same point above, being affective at lower levels is a plus.

- Most 3.0/3.5 books are fine..though I try to keep my ToB uses minimal, though i'd still like a decent level of optimization.

Thank you in advance :D

Dusk Eclipse
2010-03-26, 11:15 PM
I don't have my OA here with m e but IIRC Iajutsu master is class that you can enter at level 6 right.

Unless Iajutsu master has a BAB requirement of +5, I believe that a base of factotum is your best bet. And I don't think that factota are in any way a one trick pony, you can change your role dialy.

Have you considered using shurikens? they are much more cheaper to enchant that a butload of daggers and the low damage die isn't a big con since most of your damage will come from Iajutsu focus, to increase damage output you might want to consider knowledge devotion.

2010-03-26, 11:33 PM
Human Samurai (feat Able Learner) 4/ Swordsage (Diamond Mind) 2/ Master Thrower 2/ Iajustu Master 2/ Warblade 1/ Bloodstorm Blade 4/ Master Thrower 3/ Iajustu Master 2

Factotum 8/ Swordsage (Diamond Mind) 1/ Master Thrower 2/ Iajustu Master 2/ Warblade 1/ Bloodstorm Blade 4/ Master Thrower 2