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Dragon Elite
2010-03-27, 08:42 AM
If wielded by a good character, they get a negative level. It cannot be removed except by removing the weapon. A soul-stealing weapon imposes a negative level on all living creatures it deals lethal damage to. They are also stunned for 1 round after being hit. This effect only works once on any given creature. It also heals the wielder by 1/2 the damage they deal, rounded down.


2010-03-27, 09:25 AM
You realy need to get rid of the stun, or give it a save. If I can hit my opponent once, I can coup-de-gra them every round until they die. And this doesn't actualy steal souls, it just gives negative levels. No more evil than using inflict X wounds and Good clerics can do that. At least give it an automatic soul bind on anyone it kills. As for the price, a free enervation (your going to be attacking your opponent four times) and "no save and die" effect, this is defenetly an epic weapon. I'd be a little leary of giving it to a major god. Astronomical. 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 GP.

P.S. it says "Lethal Damage". So trolls are immune to soul-stealing?

2010-03-27, 09:36 AM
There are 3 weapon enchantments in Magic Item Compendium:
Enervating, soulbreaker, souldrinking they grant a negative level on critical hit.