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Dusk Eclipse
2010-03-27, 10:46 AM
I am in an space opera themed game in the PBP forum, we are starting at level 3 and we rolled 1d20 for stats re-rolling any stat below 7 , and for some cosmic reason I got awesome stats

Which are:
19 14 20 19 12 13

Pretty good arent they?

My concept is an spy/infiltrator/assassin/etc for one of the ruling factions of the homeplanet of my character.

Right now I have only got the race (and possibly a template) set in stone.

I want to be a Kalashtar.

Right now I am thinking on going... shadow template (LoM) warlock (refluffed as being the physical manifesting of the quori spirit) possiblygoing into hellfire warlock) on side and on the other maybe rogue and possibly some swordsage levels before going some levels in telflammar shadow lord for getting shadow pounce, and after that I am not sure.

So thoughts?

Thanks in advice

Edit: I forgot I have access to most books, and the DM is open to third party books and SW saga edition to convert for 3.5

2010-03-27, 01:45 PM
Are you able to put LA on only one side of the gestalt, or does it take a whole level?

Refluffing Warlock into a psionic class would be a perfect opportunity to use Psychic Assassin (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/psm/20040723d), preferably losing Death Attack in exchange for removing the evil alignment and special requirements. I'd go for Rogue 5/ Psychic Assassin 2/ Telflammar Shadowlord 4/ Psychic Assassin+ on one side, and take Warlock on the other side at every level except where Psychic Assassin adds +1 level of manifesting, which I'd probably throw in maybe Fighter to help with feats or maybe get a few Swordsage levels there.

Dusk Eclipse
2010-03-27, 01:52 PM
AFAIK now yes, the DM hasn't replied to my question concerning it, so for now I am assuming yes LA is on only one side of the gestalt.
And refluffing warlock to psionic and using psychic assassin to advance it is youst a fluff thing right?... I will ask the DM