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Mark Hall
2010-03-28, 03:34 PM
So, the other topic on 2e R&E has got me thinking about my own house rules for Star Wars.

The basics of my force house rules are that the three Force Skills are treated as attributes in pretty much everything.... purchase cost, improvement, etc. ... and force powers are treated more like skills, with the skills that require multiple force attributes under the old system being treated instead as Advanced Skills in their acquisition and advancement. For the most part, you cannot use powers you do not know BUT

(begin new house rule)

You can spend a force point to use any force power at the relevant attribute for one activation. So long as you keep it up, you can continue to use that one power. Once you drop it (for any reason), the power is gone unless you learn it or spend another force point.

2010-03-28, 04:08 PM
(I assume this is an extention of the D6 discussion for the other thread)

What I did was create a Force attribute, inceaseable like an attribute. The Force skills are just that, and any powers can be treated like specializations. This is closer to the newer D6 Core rules published not to long ago, and is being used in the OpenD6 rules still in creation (WEG used the WOTC Open Game Liscence from 3rd edition to make it all open game content). I like this as it, IMO, opens more possabilites for rules and custom creation of force powers.

...In a side note, I really glad to see a lot more dicussion of what I think is one of the best game systems out there, D6 and StarWars D6 specifically. I'm starting a game soon and my game group seems really excited to play (1 of 5 players have played before, so it's new to them). I haven't run in about 15 years (I picked up 2nd R&E right when it came out, 1996) and I've had a lot of fun going though the dozens of books I got over the years.

[To Mark Hall]
I like your house rule and may use it in my upcomming game.

Mark Hall
2010-03-29, 09:55 AM
[To Mark Hall]
I like your house rule and may use it in my upcomming game.

The "Spend a force point to use a power you don't know"? Thanks. I think it represents the force as a living thing, that responds to the needs of Force Sensitives.

Incidentally, yesterday I went to half-price books to pick up something to read... and wound up laying down $80, $60 of those on SWD6 books (a second copy of 2e R&E, an the Sourcebook, Imperial Sourcebook, Rebel Alliance Sourcebook, and Tramp Freighters).