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2010-03-28, 09:37 PM
Alright, long story short, we needed to subdue a character for around three hours, and as a result, got about 8000 nonlethal damage. (It made sense at the time).

At level 3, that would take 3 months to heal naturally. What techniques, available to a 4th level party, could help bring that down to a reasonable timeframe?

He's already rolling a new character, just in case.

Thank you.

2010-03-28, 09:37 PM
DM fiat it away.

2010-03-28, 09:39 PM
Pay for a polymorph into a form that is immune to non-lethal damage?

2010-03-28, 09:42 PM
Drowning. 10ch

2010-03-28, 09:44 PM
You'll get more constructive replies if you give us some hint as to what resources you have available. Any casters in the party? Any access to NPC 'pay per spell' casters? Magic items? What books you can use, etc?


level 0 druid spell, 'dawn' (SC pg 59) will wake him up, though he'll be staggered (which means his nonlethal damage equals his current hitpoints)

edit 2

Refreshment (bard 3, cleric 3, BoED pg 105) will heal all of his nonlethal damage.

edit 3:

Dawn: DAWN
Level: Druid 0, ranger 1
Components: V
Casting Time: 1 swift action
Range: 15 ft.
Target: All creatures in a 15-ft.-radius
burst centered on you
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)

..With a cry similar to a rooster’s you cast
the spell. For a moment you feel as if you
had just awakened from a comfortable
nap, but as the feeling fades, those around
you begin to stir.
..All sleeping creatures in the affected
area awaken. Those who are unconscious
because of nonlethal damage
wake up and are staggered. This spell
does not affect dying creatures.

Staggered (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/conditionSummary.htm#staggered)

A character whose nonlethal damage exactly equals his current hit points is staggered. A staggered character may take a single move action or standard action each round (but not both, nor can she take full-round actions).

A character whose current hit points exceed his nonlethal damage is no longer staggered; a character whose nonlethal damage exceeds his hit points becomes unconscious. (so this heals almost all of his nonlethal damage, a bit of rest or a few CLWs can handle the rest)

Refreshment (BoED 105)

Conjuration (Healing) [Good]
Level: Apostle of peace 3, bard 3, cleric
3, Endurance 3, vassal of Bahamut 3
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: 20 ft.
Target: 20-ft.-radius burst centered on
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
Refreshment channels celestial energy to
remove all nonlethal damage the targets
have taken, including damage from
environmental conditions, starvation
and thirst, and related effects as well as
damage dealt by nonlethal attacks.

Sinfire Titan
2010-03-28, 09:47 PM
Casting Lesser Vigor/Cure X at the end of each day with all remaining spell slots will speed the process up dramatically.

Also, Eternal Wands/Healing Belts are fairly cheap. You're 4th level, so you can easily afford at least 2 Healing Belts if the party pools their cash (and those will come in handy later on). The Eternal Wands may be a better buy though. Just grab the Bardic version of Cure Light Wounds and put it in one.

2010-03-28, 09:58 PM
find a cleric who has the feat "touch of healing", it heals 3hp per spell level of your max currently prepared healing spell up to a a max of half their max HP.

so if he has 20HP max and 8000 non lethal damage, a level 3 cleric with a 2nd level cure spell and touch of healing (6hp a round healed, aka 1hp a second) could heal him to 10 non lethal damage in 7990 seconds which is 133 minutes

2010-03-28, 09:59 PM
Aye, I was wondering if anyone had some obvious solutions.

The party consists of four blaster sorcerers (three now) and a hexblade/warlock. Yes, I know the party is horribly unbalanced, someone thought recreating the prism rangers would be cool. That's why I'm the stick.

So, we have no divine spellcasters; as a warlock, I can UMDing wands of cure light, but that won't fix the problem. Tiny town, so buying is really hard; our stash came from dungeon crawls, and the NPC cleric got killed by the same parasitic villain we were trying to beat out of our ally.

DM fiat got us into it (beat him with a stick until the spells stop didn't account for a 3 hour unseen servant whose last instruction was to make a mess of the constable's office), so DM fiat will probably get us out. Polymorphing into something nonliving is too expensive, drowning probably doesn't remove nonlethal damage, and I'm all for healing belt/eternal wand once we find a bigger city.

Good spell selection, though. We'll need to improvise a bit, but there are a lot of good options here. Thanks, all.

2010-03-28, 10:04 PM
Ahem, sorry about that.

Secondly. The Heal skill would cut that in half via long term care. And during that time the party healer could use all his magic to heal. It may take a week or two. I don't know how much a reasonable timeframe is, but imo a week or two is ok.

Or you could just ask the DM to fiat it away.

Irreverent Fool
2010-03-28, 10:47 PM
Well if you can find a character with Craft Wondrous Item and another (or the same character) who is capable of casting cure light wounds, for the price of 500gp and 40xp, he could craft a CL 1 trap of a level 1 spell... that is cure light wounds. That's the cost for a self-resetting trap, so just lay the guy out on the trap for awhile. At 1d8+1 hp per round, that's an average of 5.5 hp per round, 55 per minute, or 3,300 hp per hour, (not including the 4 hp per hour from a 4th-level character's normal healing of nonlethal damage). He'll be awake in no time.