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2010-03-29, 04:30 AM
"When the world was created, magic was the tool used to created it. Designing by the Divine, it is an artful science hidden in the folds of the earth and tucked away from minds for its inhabitants. But like every tool, it was discovered bit by bit. Sometimes given, sometimes granted, sometimes learned."

The Four Point Magic System replaces the traditional method of spell casting in 3.x AD&D. If affects wizards, sorcerers, clerics, druids, warlocks, paladins, rangers, and bards. Under this system, there are no other real spellcasting classes.

The Four Points of Magic are:
1) Gathering: Absorbing and focusing of raw and latent magical energy.
2) Sealing: Converting raw magic into usable refined magic
3) Symboling: Molding refined magical energy into a spell.
3) Flourishing: Altering the spell then casting the spell.

Because of the difficulty of spellcasting, a magic user can only focus on a few of the points of magic. Their choice of point alter how a magic user's strengths and weaknesses.

Through faith and devotion, gatherers can tap into a powerful source of magical energy, the divine. This allows divine casters gives the the largest default library of spells to choose from, and removes the armor penalty. Their is a price. Because they ask another to cast spells for them, few understand magic themselves

Warlocks shortcut their way into magic. They place seals and symbols directly on their bodies or minds ahead of time. Therefore, warlock need only to gather energy and a spell is ready. This allows them to cast their spells the largest amount of times and alter their favorite magic.

Wizards understand the actual science behind spells. Their extensive knowledge of symbols allows them to alter spells directly from their books. Unfortunately, they can't alter their spells after scribing them.

Sorcerers' natural magical gives allow them to get to the final point quickly. This allows this to change spells more then other casters. Their method of casting limits the amount of spells they know unfortunately.

Types of spells.

Cantrips and Orisons- 0-level spells are very simple. Therefore thy can be casted at-will as long as the caster is not fatigued or exhausted.

Charms- Spells set as charms have be ingrained in the caster's body or mind. Therefore they can be refreshed. 5 minutes after the spell ends, the spell returns and is available to be casted. Changing charms requires 8 hours of rest. A spellcaster can only have a number of charms equal to 1/3 their class level (rounded down, minimum 1). Warlocks have 2 additional charms.

Only wizards and warlock may apply metamagic to charms. In order to set a spell as a charm, the spell's level must be equal to or less than equal to 1/3 the caster level in that class(rounded down, minimum 1).

Rituals: Rituals are the normal method or casting spells. Follow the normal method of casting spell for that class (except for warlock, who cast like bards). Sorcerers may apply metamagic to ritual for 1 for one slot lower than the matamagic feat demands.

Other Changes:

No bonus spells for high abilities scores.
Clerics, druid, wizard, and sorcerer spell per day are halved.
Warlocks are bards minus all the non-spellcasting class features and using the wizard and bard spell list. They use CON or CHA for spellcasting and get familiars at first level..
Wizards must apply metamgic to spells when writing them in their spellbook not when memorizing them.
Wizards add 4 spells per level to their spell book.
Sorcerers gain Heighten spell at first level.

Suggestions? Comments?

2010-03-29, 04:53 AM
Take a look at my anima system, it has a similar premise of absorbing and shaping magic from their surroundings


2010-03-30, 04:53 AM
The system is less focused on drawing magic as it sees magic as both an art and science. Each spellcaster type can only master one type because it is so difficult to learn.

Divine caster are agents for more knowledgeable and talented users.

Warlocks are the endurance runners of magic with their limited art and science skill. 10 mediocre painting in a day.

Wizard master the science but lack style. The boot of speed in lime green.

Sorcerers master the art but are weak on function. The most stylish sleeveless pocketless winter coat.

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I think this is cool enough for a bump.:smallsmile: