View Full Version : Mis-spelled: Gentle Riposte [3.5, Silly]

2010-03-29, 02:31 PM
Yet another silly spell, this time, Enchantment! No, this was actually created by a straight character with a very twisted sense of humour to aid in a battle with a hillariously OTT camp gay villain.

Gentle Riposte
Enchantment (Charm) [Mind-affecting, Silly]
Level: Bard 1, Sorcerer 1
Components: V, S
Casting Time: Immediate Action
Range: Touch
Target: One creature
Duration: 1d3 rounds
Saving Throw: Will Neg
Spell Resistance: Yes

You cry out with pent up sissiness, the immortal words "You BITCH" and strike a foe who has just wounded you. Your limp wristed slap discharges a feeling of abject hatred into the target who stikes at you, desperate to protect their masculinity [even if she's a her]

You may cast this spell as an Immediate Action whenever you are struck by a melee attack. If you hit with your slap [touch attack] and the target fails their save, they suffer great hatred and struggle to attack anyone but you efficiently. The target suffers a penalty to hit equal to your Cha modifier whenever he attack anyone but you.

This is a Mind-Affecting effect.

Kuma Kode
2010-03-29, 03:18 PM
That's actually a pretty fantastic spell to use against a gay villain.

2010-03-29, 03:21 PM
Range: Touch

My Duskblade would love to use this spell as part of Arcane Channeling. :smallbiggrin:

2010-03-29, 07:29 PM
It seems a bit too good for a cantrip, I'd either bump it to level 1 or make it a flat penalty.

2010-03-30, 11:44 AM
It originally caused an effect identical to being Marked from 4e, but we discovered quickly that this wasn't powerful enough to warrant the use of an Immediate action [even from a bard] and didn't make any difference in the combat, given that the enemies would tend to ignore it and the target.

The Duskblade would get you bitchslapped because this spell specifies that you have to slap the target in the flavour.

Reducing the bonus would render it mostly meaningless [for such a risky effect]. I'll up the level, though it didn't alter much in the games we played [aside from my character getting his bum filleted on several occasions...]