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2010-03-29, 03:36 PM
Title says it all, mostly. I don't have the character sheet in front of me but I have most of it memorized.


NG level 12 Bard Level 3 Warblade Half-Battle Dragon Half-Human. Planning on taking War Chanter levels soon. Bardic Knack variant.

Orphan, grew up in the military. Been in military all his life (~200 years so far), commands troops from the front line while boosting them supernaturally with his Battle Dragon Heritage.

Stats (with items): Str 30; Dex 14; Con 22; Int 18; Wis 11; Cha 28

Feats: Power Attack, Song of the White Raven, Song of the Heart, Knowledge Devotion, Dragonfire Inspiration (Sonic), Combat Expertise, Weapon Focus: Greatsword. There's one more but I forget it.

Maneuvers: Leading the Charge, Battle Leader's Charge, Wall of Blades, White Raven Tactics, White Raven Strike, Iron Heart Surge.

Spells include: things like Dispel Magic, Haste, Improvisation, War Cry, Bladeweave, Dolorous Blow, Resounding Voice from Heroes of Battle, Greater Mirror Image, Ruin Delver's Fortune, Drums of War from Heroes of Battle, Inspirational Boost, Allegro, and Whirling Blade. I was going for all the Bard battle spells.


Party includes (all Half-dragons):

a Cleric/Contemplative of sloth, renewal, and time who is always lying prone, reclining on his magic carpet (There's a time for rest and a time for action! Chaos Dragon)

a Psychic Warrior who dual-wields large spiked chains (Powerful build plus strong arm bracers plus some homebrew and DM fiat. Think Kratos' weapons. Amethyst Dragon)

a Jade Phoenix Mage with Sephiroth's sword making sick use of the Int synergy and Stormguard Warrior (Tome Dragon from Dragon Magazine)

an unarmed Swordsage/Druid with a homebrew PrC that dual-advances both (Supreme Technique Sand Dragon).

My Gear:

+2 Crystal Echoblade of Harmonizing and White Raven. Maintaining two songs while only needing a swift action to start them (Dm allows actions to be traded down, so I can use a move action to perform a swift action), giving up to 6d6 sonic and +6 to hit and damage to every ally who can hear me (which, thanks to Resounding Voice spell, is CL x 100 feet!)

Some magic armor that gives no ASF, +8 AC, pearl of power 2,3,4 and a ring of wizardry I. Also +2 resistance to saves, but I have +5 already.

Cloak of Cha +6, Belt of Str +6, Vest of Legends combined with +5 resistance to saves, Badge of Valor combined with +2 Con, Horn of Resilience. Heward's Handy Haversack. Ring of Freedom Of Movement, Ring of +4 Shield bonus to AC. Helm of Tactics as well, but it does me no good.

The party just stopped a demonic invasion and after a whole lot of ass-beating I have obtained 300k and a decent chunk of down-time. What should I spend my money on? Pretty much any 3.5 book is allowed and custom magic items are not off-limits.

My initial thoughts: Upgrade the Sword and the Con bonus on my amulet. Maybe an animated shield, but I already have the ring. A way to get Sonorous Hum so I can maintain Drums of War would be really cool. I might be able to trade some of the money to permanently learn a new spell, or just buy 5 scrolls. Maybe add more enhancements to my armor, but it's sort of unique.

2010-03-29, 04:19 PM
*pats down the pockets* Now where did I put the "Living in a flying box" hotlink? Right! and you need to get the Landlord feat.
Time for you to build the flying castle!

2010-03-29, 04:21 PM
For a minute I thought you meant real money... 'Cos i need a new laptop and stuff..l.

2010-03-29, 04:30 PM
Slippers of Battledancing, DMG2. 33750 GP, but allows you to replace your str/dex with your Cha for the purposes of calculating to-hit and damage, with some restrictions. Awesome.

Also in the DMG2, the Vest of Legends makes your IC (and other Bard stuff) count as if 5 levels higher. 16k. Nevermind, you already have it.

You have UMD as a class skill, grab a bunch of wands and scrolls. Gogo Wraithstrike + Wand Chamber! (Wand Chamber is a mundane upgrade in Dungeonscape. Dirt cheap.) The sky's the limit here, really.

Get some miss chances. A Belt of Battle. Metamagic Rods. A way to fly.

An item to do the thing you've always wanted to do. :smalltongue:

2010-03-29, 04:54 PM
Grab some runestaves. They effectively give you more powers known. You can also get some eternal wands (or just regular wands) of the spells you really really really want.

Some psychoactive skins, which take up their own specialized item slot (proteus is the best one, by far, though some others can give you some extra defensive measures).

Add some additional boosters onto your preexisting items (MIC says you can add enhancement bonuses to other items without the +50% cost).

Put some good boosters on your weapon and armor, such as blurring (from MIC) and warning and eager for your weapon.

An enveloping pit would be nice (3600 gp for a 50' deep portable hole...yes, that's 3,600, not 36,000). Some ring gates (you hold one, your troops on the other side of the battlefield hold one, and now they can hear you too). A lyre of building (excellent for defensive measures during a siege). A bunch of rings for utility.

A blood-replacement graft, for fast healing (and possibly regeneration).

Buy a spellcaster for a few days, and buy some spells off of him (stuff that's permanent, and, for preference, nondispellable).

Maybe pay an artificer to make all of these, with those cost-reducing feats, to knock their XP and GP cost down to nearly nothing, to multiply your hoard.

Take a look at some of those other deliciously yummy psionic items.

The sky's the limit, really (assuming the sky costs 300,000 gp, anyway).

2010-03-29, 05:00 PM
Something that comes to mind, since your a War Tactics type.
Mobility and going first in combat are often the two most important things.

How about your armor? Whats on it? Do you just have standard armor? Enchants?

Weapon and Armor crystals are ALWAYS a good investment, and they don't cost hardly anything so long as you make the reqs.
Some of my favorites:
Crystal of Arrow Deflection: +2 AC vs. Ranged and Deflect 1/Round
Iron Ward Diamond: DR 5/-, up to 50 a day.
Crystal of Returning: Recall weapon, Returning property, Draw for Free

2010-03-29, 05:47 PM
Mirror of Life Trapping
Mirror of Mental Prowess
Chaos Diamond
Instant Fortress
Golem Manuals