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2010-03-30, 04:45 AM
Ok, the rules for adding more magic bonuses or abilities to a body slot when you already have one are very clear, you must multiply it's cost by 1.5. But my question is this one:

Could one stack the same bonus, not for non-stacking abilities (like an enhancement bonus to Dex for example), but for daily uses?

For example, buy an Anklet of Translocation, and then add the bonus of another Anklet of Translocation for 1.5 of it's price, to basically add 2 more uses per day (to a total of 4)?

2010-03-30, 05:14 AM
I am not sure if there is a RAW for this, but as a DM i would allow it.

Another option for the player is to buy a 2nd pair of the same anklets and wear those when the first is empty (kinda hard in combat). This is cheaper.

2010-03-30, 05:21 AM
Unless you plan to use all those charges in the same fight, you could simply carry duplicate copies around, and swap them outside of combat.

2010-03-30, 05:24 AM
I do plan to use the multiple charges in combat. :D

2010-03-30, 05:38 AM
Ok, lets say the item costs 2000 gold. You want it twice and on the same slot.

You would pay 2000 + (2000 x 1.5) = 5000.

Am I right? Wouldn't it be cheaper to create an item with more charges?

2010-03-30, 10:38 AM
Yes, you are indeed, but I don't want charges, I want daily uses. What I want to know is if it is allowed, by the books, to add the exact same bonus when you already have one.

Unless there is a priced way of adding daily uses to an item, wich I'd love to know about.

2010-03-31, 11:51 AM
I've been thinking on this subject, and well, since it doesn't specify anywhere that you can't do it, why shouldn't you be able to than?

If no one oposes than, I guess I'll stick with the "nothing says you can't" argument.

2010-03-31, 12:04 PM
The thing you have to remember is that the chart in the Dungeon Master's Guide is just a set of estimates for magic items. The main rule here would be to check with your DM and see how he/she feels about it. Also, if you check the chart, the charges cost is listed as being the price for "charges per day," which is exactly the same as daily uses.:smallsmile:

2010-03-31, 12:06 PM
You can reverse engineer it pretty easily actually.
{table] Special | Base Price Adjustment
Charges per day | Divide by (5 divided by charges per day)[/table]

As always though, subject to DM approval, but I don't think many would get upset at you paying more for more uses.