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2010-03-30, 12:49 PM
Yes it's that time of the week again. Level 11 Unarmed Swordsage//Psion with Wis for a Cast Stat (though I don't need help with that side).

I've never used ToB before so I need help. I need good Feats, Items, Maneuvers and anything else I missed.

Stats: 32 Point Buy arranged as: 16,10,14,12,18,10 (the 18 Wis is the Casting Stat for the other side of the Gestalt and includes my two advances for Levels 4&8).

1. Adaptive Style
No Flaws/Traits.

No items as yet.

Thanks in advance


2010-03-30, 12:55 PM
Um, owch. Ability score of 1? Really? EDIT: Looks like you Edited to change this, along with some other info.

Anyway, not enough information. Swordsage is too flexible a class for us to just assume what kind of swordsage you want. You have to tell us whether you want a dual-scimitar dancing dervish; or a stealthy skillful ninja; or a wuxia but solid-built smasher/grappler; or a raving, frothing-at-the-mouth berserker; or a versatile, scrappy, spiked-chain-wielding jack-of-all-combats; or a wise, calm, bald, agile ascetic who breaks bridges with his bare hands; or ...

You get the idea. Unarmed Swordsage makes me think maybe you're going for the latter, but ... yeah, more info needed.

Also, what other sources are available? And what casting class is your other half (or, at least, which ability score is going to be the 18?)?

If you're essentially wanting to use Swordsage as a fix for the stereotypical Monk, here are some of the most important things for you to look at:

the Snap Kick feat
Diamond Mind (the whole discipline)
Baffling Defense (a Setting Sun Counter, Level 2)

2010-03-30, 03:41 PM
Shadow Hand has some great strikes and stances. Iron Heart and Diamond Mind have really nice save boosters that can replace your saves with Concentration checks for example. I would check it out if you are looking to make a stealthy monk-like character or just need some filler strikes/stances.

Dusk Eclipse
2010-03-30, 04:29 PM
I strongly recomend to get at least Shadow jaunt, standar action 50 ft teleport is good, but the real winners are shadow jump (move action) which I believe you can get at this level and shadow blink swift action teleport.

Sworsages make damn good TWF with access to tiger claw discipline (the XXXX mongoose manoubers are excelent, also just for the name Girallon windimill flesh rip) as your level 3 feat take TWF and and at level 6 snap kick.

I suggest you go egoist on the psion side to get the best buffs availabe and make liberal use of expanded knowledge to get schism.