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Corporate M
2010-03-31, 01:28 AM
This is a paladin variant that makes taking paladin 1 through 20 seem perfectly legitamate, as well, he can be of different alignments. But doesn't lose his paladin powers for changing alignment, merely the paradim of his powers shifts. (Roleplay damnit... lol!)

Good Fortitude and good Will save.
No spells. No mount. No remove disease.

Level 1: Detect Opposition, Smite Opposition (Least) +1d8 (1/day)
Level 2: Divine Grace, Lay on Hands
Level 3: Divine Health, Fear Immunity
Level 4: Smite Opposition +2d8 (1/day)
Level 5: Smite Opposition +2d8 (2/day)
Level 6: Divine Reflexes (1/day), Divine Inspiration +1 (1/day)
Level 7: Smite Opposition (Lesser), Divine Defense (1)
Level 8: Smite Opposition +3d8 (2/day)
Level 9: Divine Inspiration +2 (1/day)
Level 10: Smite Opposition +3d8 (3/day), Divine Defense (2)
Level 11: Divine Inspiration +2 (2/day), Divine Reflexes (2/day)
Level 12: Smite Opposition +4d8 (3/day)
Level 13: Divine Defense (3), Nauseated Immunity
Level 14: Divine Inspiration +3 (2/day), Fatigue Immunity
Level 15: Smite Opposition +4d8 (4/day)
Level 16: Exhaustion Immunity, Smite Opposition +5d8
Level 17: Divine Inspiration +3 (3/day), Divine Defense (4)
Level 18: Smite Opposition (Greater), Smite Opposition (At-Will)
Level 19: Death spell immunity, stat damage immunity.
Level 20: Divine Defense (5), Divine Reflexes (3/day), Divine Inspiration (At-Will)

Every 4th and 5th level after level 20, increase smite opposition by an additional d8.

Detect Opposition (Su) :
You must be an extreme alignment. (Lawful Good/Chaotic Good/Lawful Evil/Chaotic Good) At will, you can detect alignments of opposite ends of yours as a detect evil spell. (Example: Your lawful good, you can detect chaotic, evil, and or both alignment creatures)

Smite Opposition (Su) :
As part of an attack action, you can add extra d8s to your damage roll with an attack. These effect targets that directly oppose one of your extreme alignment aspects. (So your lawful good character could use it on anyone chaotic OR evil...)

Smite Opposition (Least) (Ex) :
Additionaly, your smite opposition ability is treated as a touch attack.

Divine Reflexes (Ex) :
When a creature of an opposing alignment aspect attacks you, you may make a reflex save DC equal to the total attack roll of your target. If you succeed, you completely ignore the attack.

Divine Inspiration (Su) :
Along with your attack, against a target with opposing alignment aspect, gain an attack bonus as described by the divine inspiration.

Smite Opposition (Lesser) (Ex) :
Along with the least version, now your smite oppositions can also bypass damage reduction.

Divine Defense (Ex) :
You gain damage reduction against attacks made against you by anyone or anything of opposing alignment aspects. Unlike normal damage reduction, this is not always active. When you would be dealt damage, roll a d100. If you roll equal too, or below the damage dealt, you do not reduce the damage done.

Smite Opposition (Greater) (Ex) :
Along with the least and lesser versions, now your smite opposition can also make your opponent make a fortitude, reflex, or will save (they roll a d3 to determine which when you deliver the smite) equal to charisma score+half your paladin level rounded down. If they fail, they take -2 to AC and attack rolls for one minute. (This does not stack. The minute has to pass before you can use it on that target again)
I'll leave you guys to decide how balanced this is. Mindyou the paladin started at about a tier 5. I'm hoping with this he's closer to a tier 3.

Baron Corm
2010-03-31, 09:10 AM
Well, you've taken away the paladin's ubercharging, with the spells and mount, but the replacement isn't half bad. One, much more reliable, much less overpowered, attack. To go with it, you've given him better defenses, which definitely helps him thrive in those tiers. Less MAD, too, of course. I have got a couple gripes though.

The immunities are too back-loaded. Spread them out more, and maybe add some flavorful reason for why he's getting them. Gifts from god, doesn't matter, it just feels a little hollow when the name of the ability is "Fatigue Immunity". Adding immunity to mind-affecting affects at some point would also help the class's power level and makes sense for a single-minded, devoted warrior.

Divine Reflexes will generally give you a worse shot at dodging the hit than your normal AC will. This would be true even if the paladin had a good Reflex save, but he doesn't, so the ability doesn't fit at all. It also makes combat tedious, as whenever the paladin is attacked, more dice have to be rolled. Maybe change this to something with shields, since the class seems defense-focused?

The Divine Inspiration bonus I feel is too small. It's only 3 times per day, and just hitting something doesn't kill it. You're allowed to use big numbers in this case. I would double it at least.

I don't understand the purpose of giving this class damage reduction which can be bypassed by high damage. What's the point? Just make it DR/evil and silver or something.

Why does Smite Opposition (Greater) target a random save? Needs to be explained. Also, you avoided MAD in every class feature except this one, it makes no sense. A paladin is supposed to keep his Charisma up from level 1 just to power his level 18 ability? Its effect is also underwhelming. I would add something powerful to this, remove the save (or base it on your attack roll or something instead of Charisma), make it 1/day or 1/encounter, and move it to level 20.

Now that I went through all that, I'm thinking you should drop Divine Inspiration (At-Will) and Smite Opposition (At-Will). It's a big leap from 4/day to unlimited per round, especially when the paladin can use them on each attack. It would take a lot of work to balance and just isn't worth it. Keeping them per-day keeps him feeling like a supernatural divine champion, which would otherwise be lacking since your paladin has nothing else mystical about him.