View Full Version : I need some ideas [CoC/oWoD]

2010-04-01, 10:10 AM
SO I'm going to be running a game where the main theme is supernatural horror with an emphasis on pyrrhic victories. However I've run out of ideas so far. The players have no magic to speak of just yet but are rapidly being thrown into the unknown and have already undergone a crippling victory at the hands of an ancient curse/plague. The characters are in a small town in the U.K. and are currently recuperating from the last adventure, any ideas?

2010-04-01, 10:22 AM
Have them mobilize the town against some deadly horror. Fighting the horror ends in victory, but it's cursed all of them with something or other, even in defeat. And the townspeople don't understand the magnitude of what they faced, so they blame you for what happened to them.

2010-04-01, 10:42 AM
Have any recurring villains? They are your friends. Have a revenge sequence :D.

Or, there could be disappearing villagers. A cult is turning villagers into lycanthropes/vampires/homebrewed race by the use of a painful ritual. This in turn causes the newly changed villagers to escape the cult, (Whilst the PC's are watching/captured by the cult) fighting back against their creators and then going on a bloodthirsty massacre. It is resolved by the characters (Depending on alignment)
a.) Capturing them and going on another quest for the cure (Good)
b.) Killing them (Neutral)
c.) Attempting to control them to further their own desires (Evil)
And perhaps an old villain is forced to help them, ending with the villain turning on them again...