View Full Version : Name for a female cleric of Dalt

2010-04-03, 08:15 AM
I need a good NPC name. She's a female cleric of Syrul who is posing as a cleric of Dalt.

I suppose I need two names, one for her disguise and one that is her actual name. But I need the fake one tonight. Any suggestions?

Dalt is the god of portals (both mundane and magical), and Syrul is the goddess of deceit.

2010-04-03, 08:25 AM
Chell. I'm horrible.

The Dark Fiddler
2010-04-03, 08:30 AM

Thread? Ended. Right here.

2010-04-03, 08:45 AM
Okay, why Chell? Am I missing some reference?

The Dark Fiddler
2010-04-03, 08:48 AM
Okay, why Chell? Am I missing some reference?

Yes, yes you are. Portal, one of the best games ever.

2010-04-03, 08:49 AM

2010-04-03, 08:50 AM
No, the thread only ends when I mention Adolf Hitler....oh wait.

2010-04-03, 09:40 AM
Okay, I played through the entire game and never realized the main character was given a name... Chell is it then, definitely.

But, any suggestions for her real name? Chell's just her assumed name when she is pretending to worship Dalt.

The Dark Fiddler
2010-04-03, 11:04 AM
Have her never give her name. Seems fitting for a cleric of the goddess of deceit to me.