View Full Version : Bowl of Alms

2010-04-03, 12:57 PM
so is it really worth 1000 gp? i mean, disguise self at will is a great addition for subterfuge and other such sneaky things, though it is limited to only being a pauper.

1/d sanctuary is a fun option too, as it gives me enough time to call my weapon (i am a soulbound weapon psychic warrior) and in most situations, it would allow me to be the one to break sanctuary (fighting classes dont really have good will saves, nor do they have a high wisdom).

also, as a psionic warrior, my manifestations tend to be buffs, and i took a couple of feats that require me to be psionically focused. sanctuary gives me enough time to do so.

so is this worth spending 1k on, or are there better options?