View Full Version : How would you set up a gladiator tournament?

2010-04-03, 10:00 PM
Ok, so i read in CW about a few different tournament game ideas. for one, there was the joust, where they make bullrush/trip attempts while mounted, there are unarmed and armed solo and group combats, and there are archery contests, as well as a summoning challenge for casters

what i want to know is this: is there anything that can be improved upon, or something that they missed? i plan on setting up a gladiator tournament that lasts a couple of days, which will be "dedicated to Kord" (though i am doing the work for Eruthnyl) and am planning on taking the various champions from these games and making them my pawns/underlings (probably going to start a fight club). this group of people are intended to help overthrow a bunch of paladins, so i need them to be as strong as possible, and i also need them to have a variety of skills and talents.

one thing i was thinking was a hunting challenge, where one must hunt down a fine animal in a (magically made) highly forested area, with various traps and other such things that can get in the way. that would be good for a ranger/rogue or ranger/scout mix. i can not think of another way to incorporate sneaky characters in this

so anyways, any ideas?

2010-04-04, 06:06 AM
Setup a maze filled with monsters and traps and let competitors loose in it. Fighting types will just try to cut through any obstacles. Sneaky types will be able to bypass obstacles and ambush their opposition or lead monsters towards them.