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Seguile Daengz
2010-04-04, 11:47 AM

Sorry- I just posted the same thread twice. Nothing to look here, fellas... The actual thread is over here.


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2010-04-04, 12:20 PM
Please, there is no such English word as "malus". The word you're looking for is "penalty". If you're are under the impression it's Latin, sorry, but malus (ok, mallus) is actually Latin for hammer, from which we get the English word mallet. The Latin for "penalty" is "poena".</rant>

After the first couple of sblocks broke my screen width, I got afraid to open the rest. Might want to mark which ones contain screen-width-breaking images, or resize them.

Paragraphs: Learn to love them. A single empty line works wonders for readability.

Daredevil: If he gets attacked by two enemies, and one hits while the other misses by one, does he gain the benefit of this ability? It's left undefined.

Spreading the bonus out over a range of 10 points at 11th level is going to make this come into play every round, which can get tiresome and slow down play.

Fate-Shattering Style: Really badly worded paragraph. It looks like he gets Wield Oversized Weapon and Weapon Finesse with anything (even weapons not normally finessable), but I can't be sure. If my reading is correct, that's grossly out of balance.

Bonus Feat: Most classes tend to require that you fulfil the prerequisites of a bonus feat, unless it is a prescribed one which you have no choice over.

Casual Recklessness: This just makes the daredevil ability spread out over 15 points instead of 10 5. It's going to make combat tediously slow as you figure out your bonus from this each and every round.

Godslayer: Just plain unbalanced if you allow it to destroy an actual god.

Implacable Man: this is just all kinds of cool.

Seguile Daengz
2010-04-04, 01:03 PM
...oh dear. Sorry, but I think I accidentally posted this thread twice.

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2010-04-04, 01:03 PM
All the images are screen stretching for me... and I LIKE it. If you drew those yourself, then you have my respect. Haven't read the crunch yet, but I just had to stop and say that the business about how a Fearnaught does daily tasks is pretty good. I especially liked the one who was doing laundry, although I also think that the clothing is just going to get dirty again unless they switch to a bludgeoning weapon. Then again, trying to keep blood off their clothing for any significant period of time is probably a hopeless task, so it is quite plausible that they just settle for making sure that it is FRESH blood.