View Full Version : Martial Discipline Weapons Question

2010-04-05, 09:37 AM
So I was looking for a way to boost my attack rolls. I was looking at the Martial Discipline Weapon enhancement. Basically, it gives you a +1 bonus to hit if you know a martial maneuver, and if you are using a maneuver of the school the weapon is attuned to, it gives a +3. It is a +1 cost enhancement to add Martial Discipline to a weapon and the book (Book of Nine Swords) says a weapon can be attuned to multiple martial schools.

My question is this... Does it cost 2000 gp for each school you attune the weapon to? Are they added all at the same time for the same +1 bonus?

2010-04-05, 09:42 AM
Each discipline must be add separately so a +1 white raven tiger claw longsword cost the same as a +3 longsword 18315gp, 18000 for +3 enhancement and 315 for masterwork longsword.

2010-04-05, 09:44 AM
Dear god no, that would be utterly ridiculous! And why would martial discipline weapons be an exception to the normal enchanting rules? :smallconfused:

2010-04-05, 10:11 AM
I had my suspicions, but the book example was very poor.