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2010-04-05, 12:28 PM
Trying to figure out something rather interesting in my head…this is purely theoretical and not at all optimized, but it’s a concept I like that is based on a character I created some time ago…

How does one create a rogueish, lucky, divine caster of the swashbuckling ilk?

EG: Think of a swashbuckler-style character who is, in fact, a devotee of the goddess of luck.

Beyond utilizing luck feats, I’m really drawing a blank here, so I come to you folks? What can I do to make this concept a reality?


Divine Casting
Access to Luck Domain
Utilizes a rapier/saber/cutlass style weapon
Tier 3-4 level of strength
Heavy focus on luck feats

So! Any ideas are welcome and appreciated as I am repeatedly drawing a blank.

2010-04-05, 12:51 PM
1. http://www.giantitp.com/articles/5M5QGsJ5mpbLfAHduZG.html
I think this class might fit.
2. Fortune´s Friend and Magical Trickster both advance spellcasting (CompScoundrel)

You could get something like Rogue 1/Cleric 1/Rogue 2/Fortune´s Friend 4/Magical Trickster 2/Divine Trickster 10. Pick Luck feats and Skill tricks to taste and enjoy CL 14 and some skills and weird abilities. It is not too powerful, but could pull its weight.