View Full Version : Can you use Mystic Theurge to advance Cerebremancer?

2010-04-09, 11:01 PM

Does this work by RAW? If not why? If so does this work with an other +1 caster level type classes?

2010-04-09, 11:05 PM
As in, using Mystic Thurge to advance the Cerebremancer prestige class (on arcane side) and Cleric class (on divine side)?

I wouldn't allow that as DM. I don't know exactly how strict RAW would read, but Cerebremancer doesn't provide spellcasting - it only advances it.

2010-04-09, 11:12 PM
Cerebremancer doesn't provide spellcasting - it only advances it.
Precisely. You can only use a spell progression PrC to progress classes with actual casting, not classes that progress other classes. Otherwise, you could just use every level of Mystic Theurge to progress the previous level of Mystic Theurge and get mad stacks of spell power.

You can, however, progress PrCs with listed progressions, such as Ur-Priest or Sublime Chord.

2010-04-09, 11:13 PM
Generally, no; a 'spellcasting class' for purposes of "advance +1 spellcasting" is one that has its own base list of spells known and spells per day. You can use them on classes that gave you spellcasting you didn't already have (like the infamous Ur-Theurge build with Ur Priest, Sublime Chord, and Mystic Theurge for arcane and divine 9th level casting) but not to advance other +1 casting PrCs.

2010-04-10, 07:03 AM
This was the first thread I ever made on this site, except that my one used True Necromancer instead of Cerebromancer.

Sorry, nostalgia :smallredface:

On topic: No, "+1 casting" classes only advance actual spellcasting, not virtual casting given by other "+1 casting" classes.

Otherwise, since MT would count as both an Arcane & a Divine casting class a Cleric 3/Wizard 3/Mystic Theurge 1/True Necromancer 13 gets casting of - Wiz 26/Cle 26.

And I'm sure that's not the most broken option by a long shot..