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2010-04-12, 03:48 AM
So I'm working on some homebrew for a possible future game. One of the key things I'm going to be featuring is a system for having a villainous organization under your control.

However, I've hit a bit of road block defining what sort of tasks I should prepare for, and what I would figure out on the spot. So the question is: If you are the leader of a Villainous organization, what tasks would you use your organization for?

You may choose whatever end goal you wish.

My current list:
Wage War
Coup d'etat

2010-04-12, 03:51 AM
Information, i.e. the whole 'knowledge is power' schtick. They buy/trade/steal secrets and sell them to the highest bidder, making and breaking kingdoms as they go

Friend Computer
2010-04-12, 03:52 AM
The type of organisation determines what can be done with it, and how. S you might want to give that info as well...

2010-04-12, 04:28 AM
The type of organisation determines what can be done with it, and how. S you might want to give that info as well...

This is obvious, however, the main thing I'm looking for is possible tasks, so choose WHATEVER type you want.

2010-04-12, 04:34 AM
supply (oh the humble lords of war)
provide distraction

2010-04-12, 04:40 AM
Intimidate the entire community to pay you protection money.
Kidnapping of promient persons and demanding ransom for freeing them.

2010-04-12, 04:53 AM
Legitimate Business: Not all evil organizations profit by underhanded means. This has so many applications that I can onnly list a few:
-Cover: No one will think too much about an iron mine in the desert. Even if the workers seem to be taking all the procedures necessary for uranium handling.
-Acquire Tech: When spying fails, execute a Hostile Takeover of a company with something you want, on the open stock market!
-Insurance Scams: You run a titanium mine... but a large shipment got stolen! Fortunately it was insured. Also, the titanium is now in your secret factories where it will be used to build the next generation of jets.
-Media Control: So many uses. Want to make the police look like incompetent chimpanzees with guns? Need to hush up a personal scandal? This is the key.

Research And Development: Build weapons of mass destruction to hold the world ransom! Create better weapons and armor for your legions of terror.

Diplomacy: Because there are other evil organizations out there. And sometimes destroying your common enemies may be more important than destroying each other.

2010-04-12, 04:57 AM
My Evil Organization is trying to make the world a Utopia. This is something only I know, and don't tell anyone. Imagine the surprise when all my evil minions realize I've been playing for the other team!

2010-04-12, 05:46 AM
It's not uncommon for an evil character to believe they're playing for the other team- what makes them evil is their methods, not their goals.

In Watchmen:
Ozymandias wants to make the world a Utopia. His methods include afflicting people with cancer, and mass murder.